Saturday, July 09, 2011


Are you getting as tired of Warren Buffett as I am. First of all he claims that his secretary pays more taxes that he does and that he should pay more….Warren baby, no one is stopping you from contributing more taxes. All you have to do is stop having your tax accounts take the thousands of deductions you do. But you're just hypocritical enough to blame others for not paying taxes and you take all the deductions you can.

You've contributed billions to the Gates Foundation. Why don't you donate about ten billion to the federal government you love so much. All you socialists/commies who are so twisted in your hate for Haliburton, just remember that Buffett is in exactly the same boat. He's an international corporate raider who feeds on the desperate.

Now Buffett becomes Captain Obvious and says that when the housing market starts to pick up employment will pick up….that's amazingly intuitive from the Oracle of Omaha. Sort of like saying I'm convinced that the sun will come up tomorrow, if the world keeps turning.

For all his Obama love, Buffett may be making money on the back of the poor and raiding companies in distress, but he hasn't been too successful in predicting that Obama's policies have helped the average American. Obama has made things worse and Buffett knows it but he's so far in the tank for Obama, he can't see the storms that are threatening the constitution and capitalistic democracy that is America.

So much for the vision of the Oracle of Omaha.

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