Tuesday, June 29, 2010


For 50 years I have watched liberals have near total control of congress, mainstream media, appointment of mostly activist judiciary, education and unions. These groups with the Democratic Party as the implementers, have imposed as much of a socialistic agenda on America as possible. What is amazing is today only 20 per cent of Americans identify themselves as dyed-in-wool liberals. Seldom were unshakable liberals counted above 25 per cent of Americans while those who have considered themselves totally committed conservatives has generally been at least 10 to 15 per cent higher than liberal devotes'.

These liberals have dictated the direction of America’s institutions as though they had a vast majority of America citizen support. The question is why. In November Conservatives appear to be in a position to take control of the House and Senate. If that happens it suggests that it’s about time that we take our representative share of these institutions.

It’s time that we start demanding that the mainstream media hire a representative number of conservatives, a political affirmative action if you will. If these mainstream newsrooms do not hire and thus reflect the honest political spectrum of Americans population, then skeptical examination by the Federal Communication Commission should ask why. The same should be ask of the other institutions.

Educational opportunities should be examined in the fairness of those professors and teachers reflect the populations of people who identify themselves as conservative or liberal. It should no longer be acceptable that a liberal select few be allowed to dictate the control of who is hired and who is not.

These decisions should be made by representative committees selected from balanced political views just as other factors such as race, ethnicity and sex if it is not done naturally in the hiring process. The same is true with the other institutions.

Conservatives have a right to expect representation as the fewer number of self-identified liberals unjustly demand. No longer should we sit back and allow this discrepancy in numbers. The Tea Party movement could be the fundamental pattern for the change. It has illustrated that we have the power to demand our right to take our share of power in our basic institutions. Liberals have been doing it for years, it's our turn.


Anonymous said...

good post NG yes it is definitely time to take a walk on the sensible side far away from the degeneration that the liberals have done to this country.
As long as they keep having their corrupt ways we will continue to deteriorate as a nation,too far to come back. Is it Nov 2 yet? It can be a starting point at least.

NewGnome said...

Thanks tos, I think we need to have political affirmative action in all our institutions. NG