Monday, June 21, 2010


I didn't think it was possible but Barack Obama has made Jimmy Carter look like a genius. This Muslim idiot, has dissed our friends, bowed to our enemies, destroyed more jobs than Herbert Hoover and FDR combined, is destroying the private sector, socialized the medical industry, taken us in to so much debt that our great, great grandchildren will be paying for it for their entire life times and expressed a hate for America I have never seen in history.

BO is an empty suit not to mention an empty scull. He is an idealoge of the worst kind because there is no intelligence behind his thinking, only "I Hate America" rhetoric and a desire to destroy Democracy and capitalism. Well, he's doing a good job of that. Only, I don't want American exceptionalism destroyed.

There is definitely an order of intellectual BO coming from the White House.

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