Thursday, June 03, 2010


Hey Paul McCartney…keep your limey opinions to yourself. We wouped your butts in the Revolutionary war…we don't need your idiot opinions now.

Obama is the most inept, socialistic anti-America president we've ever had…now counting the worst.
Go home to you're socialistic disaster of a Euro Europe.

Your socialistic health care system is collapsing. Your children are terminally undisciplined, and you and your British buffoons buddies want to turn America into the failure that Britain is at the moment. No Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Hey NG where have you been? ired to get on a few times and said blog was no longer available.
Welcome back where ever you were.

My love for Pal McCartney has been tarnished. He was sure the fool of fools on the hill.
What is the obsession with these people undying devotion for this president? I still can't figure it out. He's done nothing but further destroy our economy and he is a total narcissist partying up like an elitist while the rest of the country is struggling.
Nov better get here and fast.


NewGnome said...

Had my gmail password hacked and had to disconnect. Google was impossible to deal with in trying to get the site back up. They wouldn't answer my questions about what happened. But after several weeks, they finally sent an email suggesting I change my password and I was up and running.

I've never seen Obama Zombies so dedicated to and yet forgiving of failure. McCartney is just one more dupe.