Saturday, December 05, 2009


The other day, I watched a History Channel program about the Alps and how they’re being washed away faster than expected because the glaciers are melting. has just published an article claiming that the Alps and other mountain ranges to growing faster because the glaciers are melting.

Two supposedly valid Anthropogenic Global Warming parishioners contradict each other on exactly the same issue. It’s pure insanity. No wonder Climategate reveals the confusion of the very scientists who promote AGW. Two major media outlets reveal they can’t agree on the Alps either.

Would you AGW idiots please get your stories straight…or at least coordinate your lies so they tell the same story.


The jagged backbone of Europe, spanning seven countries and providing essential water to millions, the Alps is Europe's most important geographic landmark. But how did marine fossils get here, seven thousand feet above sea level? Investigators as far back as Leonardo da Vinci have attempted to fathom out how the Alps evolved, a story that takes us to the bottom of the sea, up the slopes of the infamous Eiger and Matterhorn and deep into the heart of a glacier. But these iconic peaks won't be here for long. The mountains are tumbling down, glaciers are melting and the Alps are being washed away.

Though the average hiker wouldn't notice, the Alps and other mountain ranges have experienced a gradual growth spurt over the past century or so thanks to the melting of the glaciers atop them. For thousands of years, the weight of these glaciers has pushed against the Earth's surface, causing it to depress. As the glaciers melt, this weight is lifting, and the surface is slowly springing back. Because global warming speeds up the melting of these glaciers, the mountains are rebounding faster.

Ironically, the article that justifies the rising mountains which is listed as #2 in the last paragraph in’s top ten list in their article “The Most Surprising Results of Global Warming” is contradicted the by the very article justifying the rise.

The last paragraph in the contradictory article reads: “What effect [sic] our current warming climate will have on mountain height, if any, is hard to say, because tectonic uplift happens on such a slow timescale, Egholm said. But if the climate stays warmer for many thousands of years, mountains might become slightly higher, he added.”

You’re sound even more like totally dysfunctional idiots than usual. Even Live Science ends its own article contradicting itself. Climategate has revealed your lies these contradictions confirm them.


Anonymous said...

Next they will be told if they don't drink from the Koolaid Barrel they won't get their funding be forced to trade some Carbon credits.
You know anything to help the Climate Capitalists.

I think it's fair to call them the big bad evil Greenies.

NewGnome said...

Tos, they're pathetic not to mention stupid. NG