Friday, December 11, 2009


Gloria Allred has just taken the 12th woman to claim she is a Tiger Woods mistress as a client. There are eleven other women who have claimed that privilege, but Woods is a piker when it comes to taking mistresses. Bill Clinton was cheating on Hillary were in college together, and she confirmed it when Hillary told him he was an idiot for fooling around with those college bimbos, but didn't dump him. She knew what side her bread was buttered on. He's still taking mistresses and Hillary is mute.

Bill has been cheating on her since college and probably has mistresses in the hundreds. By contrast, Woods with his billions has only managed to amass 12 that we know of. Well, maybe we should give Tiger some time.

And more importantly, where's the crime? James Carvell explains….It's only sex!!! Hillary endured massive amounts of embarrassment only to go on 60-minutes to defend "Willie-Bill." She stayed with him even after his bald-faced television lie in front of all America.

But Hillary wasn't as strong as Tiger's wife Elin Nordegren who dumped Tiger in a matter of days when she discovered he was cheating on her. Hillary is still having to endure the continuing degradation of Bill chasing every skirt that catches his eye.

Take heart Tiger, you're still young and maybe you can work on your numbers as time goes on.

NEWS ALERT: It's just been announced that Tiger allegedly bought lots of call girls. Maybe he can count them and reach parity with Clinton. Tiger, you can out golf Bill but you can't out ball him.


Anonymous said...

cute NG. It's amusing how they compare Tiger's rating to Obama's.


NewGnome said...

It would be great of Obama's ratings were at the same number as Tiger's...I read that Tiger's ratings are currently at 5%.