Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I DID WHAT?????????

For the first time in my life I have just contributed to a person running for congress who is not a Republican. He is a conservative from New York…Doug Hoffman. The Republican Party has been making major mistakes thinking the way John McCain does. McCain is a loser.

We need to get back to our conservative roots and the Republican Party is NOT getting us there. They are abdicating their responsibilities in failing to defend the constitution from the liberal/socialistic attack by Obama and the communists/socialists surrounding him in his administration.

Huckabee is a slimy joke. Romney has proven only that he's on all sides of the issues. Pawlenty is on cloud 9 whistling "Mine eyes have seen the glory", Palin doesn't have a chance with the Media dishonesty aligning against her so where's our RONALD REAGAN. I DON'T SEE HIM OR HER YET!!!


Anonymous said...

I hear ya NG. We need someone who cannot be brought down. That last election was a joke and the republican running against Hoffman was really a donkey.


Are you in NY? Not sure if I ever asked. I am.

NewGnome said...

tos...not in NY...but think the Republicrat shouldn't be elected in that district so we can maybe make the Republican party understand that conservatives had better not be ignored in the future.