Friday, October 23, 2009


Hollywood has an interesting problem. For years television program, movies, music and plays have been written to attack the federal government and in particular Republican/conservatives and specifically George W. Bush.

The bad guys in Law and Order for example, have been Republicans and conservative issues. The Patriot Act was the favorite target in Law and Order Special Victims Unit with Richard Belzer spewing his vitriolic preaching ad infinitum of his perceived crimes of the Act and President Bush that have kept Americans safe.

Movies are no different.

I can list a bunch but what’s the use. It’s too obvious. Now the problem is that Barack Obama has taken possession of the Patriot Act and now Hollywood has to justify the implementation of the act by Obama. Look for the Belzers of the Hollywood left to make a slew of excuses for Obama’s applying the Patriot Act.
I’m sure that there’s already a new “West Wing” in the offing with a new black president just like the president in the old West Wing sounding a lot like Bill Clinton.

Now that they don’t have Bush to kick around and Obama supports most of the Patriot Act whatever are Hollywood and the limousine liberals to do.


Anonymous said...

It's so ridiculously obvious what they are doing. Anytime one of these sitcoms praises the president and his policies however they jam it in I no longer watch them. It's like that show is now cursed.
And to think I used to like Two and A Half Men.

NewGnome said...

tos, never watch 2 1/2 men but Obama would qualify as the "half" man part half idiot part. NG