Thursday, October 15, 2009


Its getting more than hilarious at CNBC and MSNBC and nearly all of the liberal cable network shows. They don't have any original programming anymore, they just have "lets get Rush, Sean, Imus and Glenn programs."

Are they so untalented and unimaginative that they can't do anything but attack talk show hosts. No wonder they're continuing to lose viewers. They're becoming bigger jokes than they already were.

Joe Scarborough hasn't had an original thought in a decade. Keith Olbermann is the "HATE MAN WALKING." Bill Maher is simply not funny or thought provoking and most of all he's totally political correct and only marginally intelligent.



TheLonelyArtistClub said...
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NewGnome said...


Quite frankly L, after your last email crybabying about your medical problems and the insurance companies and suggesting that a government insurance option would be better for you, it became very apparent that your self-described intellect revealed a lacking in what I can only describe as a only-child self pity party. Do you really think other people don't have problems like yours. I wasn't going to respond because you'd lost your edge and have obviously rejected democracy and capitalism. I don't have time for that kind of self-absorbed liberal indoctrination. I'm tired of seeing socialism take over America and the media and liberals making excuses for dumping on the Constitution in ways Bush never did.

You totally ignored the long-term
implications of a government take over of the economy thorugh health care! It's a life and death matter.

Good heavens, the federal government is now in the process of destroying farmers and agriculture in the bread basket of American all because of a stupid three-inch sucker and you want to cry about your problems.

The government take over of health care is exactly the same thing. No self-absorbed liberal would have ever admitted that the EPA could have controlled building, farming, logging, manufacturing and the rest of the economy using the Endangered Species Act, but they are! And government health care will be worse. You missed completely the generational battle that is currently pitting seniors against the young over health care.

You're drawing a generalization from a specific in what the Nobel Prize committee did that proved their leftist bias. They didn't specifically represent European governments who are kissing the Obama butt without reason, they are their own idiots. The stupidity is even being complained about by liberals. But it's typical liberal fair that they reward intention instead of action.

I'm sorry but I missed your point altogether on the terror plot. Yes what Bush did put in place helped uncover it, no thanks to the restrictions implemented by Obama. Obama is a light-weight and getting lighter all the time.

If the predictions are accurate based on current polls and trends, there could be a massive change in the house and senate and we can put an end to Obama's wholesale transformation of America to socialism. He's not smart enough to do what Clinton did and shift right and work with the opposition. He's much to much of an ideologue to understand, if he wants to get something done, he has to change which he won't.

I simply don't have time or inclination to write much, but more importantly, I've lost interest in attempting to point out the sickness that is hitting Americans who are excusing Obama's grasp for total power.

If you ever wake up and realize just how destructive he has been to our American democracy let me know. I'm too flabbergasted to fight the stupidity any more.

I'm confident you'll have a cow over this response, but tough buns. Life isn't fair!

Anonymous said...

We can only hope NG unless this gets exposed first. I am hope it's authentic. Who knows even then they may find a way to weasle out of it:

But pretty profound just the same:


NewGnome said...

tos, That would be great...too bad it will be renounced or more likely ignored as old news. Interesting that Obama didn't deny the headline.
That is tacit approval of the fact of the headline.