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This post was first published June, 6, 2005.

MENSA has a challenge every year calling on writers to change one letter of a word and then provide their own definition for the new word. It’s called the MENSA CHALLENGE, oddly enough. I decided to take a crack at the word democrat and see what I could come up with. I wound up with so many I had to cut the number of entries back. Here are a few:

Democrab: (n) definitions: (1) Democrats whose primary activity is to complain about Republicans and/or Bush or any Republican, or Republican President. Example, nearly all Democrats (2) a Democratly transmitted disease as in STD’s. Highly contagious; only one known cure: begin thinking for yourself and resign from the Democrat Party.

Democrap: (n) All information disseminated by Democrats.

Demorat: (n) definitions: (1) Democrats who turn on Democrats. Example Joe Biden dumping on Howard Dean’s comments. (2) Democrat whistleblower who reveals the truth about Democrats to Republicans. Example: Joe Lieberman.

Demobrat: (n) definitions: (1) Democrat who acts like a spoiled child. Example Ted Kennedy (2) the poor unfortunate child of a Democrat.

Demofrat: (n) definitions: (1) Democrat college fraternity (2) Democrat who fraternizes with his Republican enemy.

Semocrat: (n) Democrat who can’t make up his mind to be both liberal and stupid, or change his/her ways and begin thinking independently.

Femocrat: (n) Democrat who is female, anti-male, violently pro-abortion, with feline tendencies with regard to claws.

Remocrat: (n) the Democrat responsible of reaming out Demofrats who consort with the enemy.

Kemocrat: (n) Democrat who takes drugs to be able to stomach Democrap.

Lemocrat: (n) Democrat who blindly follows right over the cliff. Lead Lemocrat, Howard Dean.

Memocrat: (n) Democrat who disseminates voluminous memos attempting to explain Democrap.

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