Monday, July 06, 2009


Is Barack Obama the stupidest president America has ever had? Based on the first six months results, the case can certainly be made that every critical thing he has proposed, especially regarding the economy has failed. Let’s consider his successes and his failures.


1. Reads the teleprompter well.
2. Spends money like drunken sailor.
3. Spends money he doesn't have and isn't his.
4. Michelle spends money like a drunken sailor
5. Michelle spends money that's not hers.
6. Raises taxes on everybody and they don't realize it.
7. Implements plans that destroy business in America.
8. Dismantles American auto industry.
9. Socializes medicine.
10. Implements plan to ration health care.
11. Usurps personal American freedoms.


I was going to list these as failures, but in fact they are successes because
this is what he has set out to do and he has been successful at these too!

1. Bailout billions stimulate nothing.
2. Tanks American banking costing poor trillions.
3. Intentionally bankrupts auto industry.
4. Helps America's enemies, insults our allies.
5. Destroys dollar status as world currency.
6. Military budget cuts threatening our Soldiers in war.
7. Socialized health care cause rationing for poor.
8. Fiscal policies tank the Stock market.
9. Irrational spending causes job losses to skyrocket.
10. Sends unemployment going higher
11. Implements hidden taxes hitting the poor hardest.
12. Housing policies for foreclosures to record highs.
13. Releases Gitmo terrorists freedom to fight America again.
14. I could go on ad infinitum but what's the use...

OBAMA is too stupid to understand just how much of a disaster his presidency is.


Anonymous said...

Not to mention the lies now he is sayong they idn't realize he conomy was his bad. Can you imagine if Bush said that?
So that proves the Republicas ere right fro telling him not to rush the non-stimulus and the fact that he ept saying the worst economy since therea depression now he didn't know?
This is the biggest disaster in ur nations' history voting this guy in.
When will the media finally be on our side and admit they all made a huge error.

NewGnome said...

T The media has too much invested to ever admit that they were wrong.
It'll never happen...sad but true.

Anonymous said...

sorry about that mess up there I just read it and was like "huh"?
No coverage on the Tea Partis yet there were over 2000 of them across the country.
NG-For the first time in my adult life I am afraid for my country.

NewGnome said...

T I figured you were in a hurry and passionate about this situation.

RE "afraid for my country." I know, I am too and I think there are a lot of people out their who are seeing the demolition of freedom and the intrusion of government into our lives to an extent I never thought possible. But people are acting dumb and blind about thing Obama is doing. I really do not understand the silence....except that the media is helping hide the story including the tea parties.