Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Now that California is going bankrupt and they’re sending out I-O-U’s in place of real money, all checks from the Golden State are also suspect. You can’t cash an I-O-U and that’s where the federal government is heading, we’re just several months farther away from California's situation. What’s going to happen when you don’t get your social security check, disability check or other government handout?. What will you do?

This is a report from a local-area retired California school teacher. She, intelligently no longer lives in high-priced California, received her retirement check in the mail. But when she went to her local bank in her new state and they refused to accept it.

The woman was panicked. After an hour of frantic calling and emailing, it was determined that there was enough money in the California teacher’s retirement fund to cover the check, and the bank finally released the funds. But with California’s economy in ruins, how long will it be before her retirement checks start bouncing?

California is ahead of us in America. What you see in California today is what you’ll see in America in the months to come, thanks to Barack Obama and the Democrat Congress. Obama has admitted that the first 850-billion dollar stimulus package has not worked. He has admitted his failure by proposing another stimulus package of at least the same amount, if not more.

Obama has his cap and trade out of the house. Will the senate pass it? With Al Franken now in the senate Democrats now have a filibuster majority to stop any Republican to stop cap and trade. That means that when you sell your house (no matter when it’s built) you’ll have to bring it up to current insulation and environmental standards.

You will be required to have an energy audit. Whatever the audit finds, you’ll have to pay to correct before you can sell house. You’ll have to install insulation, weatherstripping, new energy efficient appliances including new furnaces or air-conditioning units, stove and dish washer, water heater and anything else the government demands. If the seller doesn’t do the improvements, he will not be able to sell his/her house. Oh, and if the requirements change in mid-stream, which government regulations usually do, you’ll have to make those changes too, even if you’re in escrow and one day away from closing.

Then there’s the Value Added Tax that’s in the works which will raise prices at least 10 to 15 per cent.

Barack Obama and his socialist policies are a massive nightmare. I believe that America is headed to a massive depression, that will dwarf the “great” depression. Thank you Democrats.

There is only one possibility of saving America that will come in 2010. If CONSERVATIVE Republicans are voted into Congress, and if they keep their hands off the money and if they stay with Reagan principles, we might save America. If not. Get ready for the soup lines. They will be long in length and time.


Anonymous said...

NG I joined this group and they have many ideas on how to get the word out for 2010. From knocking on doors which I will do come Sept 2010 to passing out fliers at RR stations(which I aready did)and putting flyers on cars(which I already did)and in mailboxes(which I already did) I am going to be relentless from now until then and beyond. Acion is what is needed and I am glad to be a part of it. Here's the link to the group:

Anonymous said...

also this is something that has been resonating as well:
We went yesterday to Scmucky Chucky Schumer's ofice and out numbered the hired protestors for Universal Healthcare 20 to 1. It was awesome.


NewGnome said...

Sounds great. Having some computer problems. Talk later.