Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Well, Barak Obama has attempt to usurp so much power in his alleged presidency, that individual states are being to assert their right of sovereignty. Texas announced theirs. Oklahoma is in the process.

Colin Powell blurts out that the Republican party is near death. Ya know, that’s what they said about Republicans before Jimmy Carter was elected. Four year later it was a different story. Obama is going down the same path, taking control of the economy is ways no one ever thought possible and make our children to our great grandchildren indentured servants..

But Obama’s results will be the same as Carter’s and the principles of the Republican Party will be reasserted. Jeb Bush wants to dump Ronald Reagan. I want to dump on Jeb Bush and Powell. Republican Reagan principles are still as valid today as they were when he was elected. Obama will prove that for those too stupid to have voted for him.


Anonymous said...

If he has any supporters left after this year I will have to say we have many people who are still being fooled by this propagandist.
We need to spread the word how important it is to get a republican majority in 2010although I would hope that Obama's policies will help that happen.
This is why he is forging ahead by putting all his eggs in his Socialist Basket.
But we do know how that saying goes don't we?

NewGnome said...

tos, Sometimes I think people have blinders on. But I know one thing. When Democrats have unrestricted power they vastly over reach...just like Jimmy Carter did. Obama has been over reaching and he will pay a price, unfortunately we will be having to foot the bill.