Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Congratulations to President Barack Obama. On the one hundredth day of his presidency, there was such a joyous outburst of excitement the press could hardly contain itself. They drooled over him. They fawned over him. They licked his boots, again. The groveled before him. It was wonderful.

And well they should, Obama has set an amazing record. As a liberal, he has out-liberaled even Barney Frank, John Kerry and Nancy Pelosi put together.

I didn’t think it was possible, but Obama himself said on Saturday May 24th on C-Span, “We are out of money now.”

So once again, congratulations to our amazing president. He’s set many firsts. This is another one. He spent all our money in just 124 days. Remember that date May 24th, 2009. We're out of money, any bets he'll stop spending now that he's announced America is broke?


Anonymous said...

And everyone is just blindly following the pied piper right into the abyss with a smile no less. Looks like all rational thinking has been "mind erased" from the general public.
Unfortunately like the useful idiots of the past they are in denial until it affects them directly.
This is a sad time for our country and I am sorry that people aren't realizing it.

NewGnome said...


You're absolutely right, but why? I can hardly believe what Americans are swallowing hook-line-and-sinker.
Have we gone daft?
Have we lost all our marbles?
Are we looney because of the color of this guy skin or because he can read the teleprompter well?
It's nuts.


Anonymous said...

It is totally nuts NG. I swear there is so much this guy is doing to hurt this country yet no one(at least the media) is reporting about it.
I swear these journalists would forego a Pulitzer not to hurt Obama.
Did you hear Gibbs "WARN" about how to question his new Supreme Court pick? He said "they" better be careful. What is his power trip this guy is on and these mindless moonbats going along with it.
Where did all those supposed "free thinkers" disappear to?

NewGnome said...

I don't know either but those free thinkers are nowhere to be found.
What is scary is when this debt comes due. What will happen when that happens. I shudder to think...!