Friday, May 29, 2009


*Barack Obama said America is broke and he’s still spending.
*Obama’s administration is taking over GM and sending Chrysler into bankruptcy.
*The economy is tanking with a 5.7 negative growth rate.
*Unemployment is climbing daily.
*Housing is tanking.
*Foreclosures are way up.
*North Korea just put its finger in Obama’s eye.
*Iran announced it’s creating more plutonium for bombs at a faster rate.
*Obama’s nominee to the supreme court, Sonia Sotomayor says Latina women are better than white men.
*Obama’s nominee also says citizens don’t have a right to own guns.
*ACORN, whose been charged with voter fraud in several states, is conducting America’s census so they can count the same liberal 156 times.
*Obama says China and other countries can pollute more than America and it’s OK.
*Obama stops forest road building with will create a fire potential that will destroy millions of acres during fires.
*Sotomayor’s membership in the racist La Raza, same as membership for white males in KKK.
*Take over of GM is another step on Obama’s race to socialism.
*Pravda says American decent into Marxism is happening with breath taking speed.
*Oil prices are explode along with gas prices.
*Energy production in America is a on steep decline.
*American’s are losing their jobs at a near record pace.
*President can now fire executives at will if they take taxpayer money.
*United Auto Workers are agreeing to huge concessions thanks to Obama.
*Obama ignoring nuke blast of North Korea including intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Yes, it’s been an amazing last several days and Americans still love Obama’s policies. I’d like to thank those of you who voted for Obama. I’m sure you’ll love your new honoraria: comrade!

And I used to think I lived in a democratic America...well, that’s what a public education gets you.



Anonymous said...

I'm bookmarking this site.
Truly phenomenal.
It's good to know there are other educated people out there.

Bravo to you, NewsGnome, bravo to you.

NewGnome said...



Anonymous said...

This what mindless people voted for. Is it safe to now say "I told you so"?
Unbelievable NG unbelievable. I hang my head in sorrow to what is becoming of this once great country. I am very disturbed indeed. Copy and pasted for Neil Boortz:
"Sometime this morning, around 11:30 EST, we will be addressed by GM's CEO Barack Obama. The Looter-In-Chief. He will explain why GM's bankruptcy and government ownership will be the best route for this nation. He will do it in a way so that the government educated will understand just enough to nod their heads in agreement and then go back to reading their People magazines. They won't question the Constitutionality of it all."