Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I have never said this about any president, even Bill Clinton whom I detest for his perpetual lying. But I am beginning to HATE Barak Hussein Obama and his hate-filled thinking. He obviously has no respect for our Constitution. He has no respect for the citizens of this country and obviously no love for the men and women who have served in the military who defend us and keep our families safe.

As American Legion Commander David Rehbein who met with Obama said, Obama told him he is proposing to force private insurance companies to pay for the medical care for injuries and rehabilitation our soldiers have suffered in battle and in service to our country. IT IS SICKENING! WITH THIS PROPOSAL OBAMA HAS BECOME THE WORST PRESIDENT IN THE HISTORY OF AMERICA, BAR NONE.....and all this in less than two months in office. He does not deserve the title of President and certainly not the respected title of Commander and Chief.

HATE IS A STRONG WORD, but our soldiers and our Constitution are being pissed on by a man does not deserve to lick the souls of the boots our brave men and women who have provided our safety with their blood and lives. He deserves to be impeached! He is even worse than the AIG executives who are getting contractually agreed to bonuses he is screaming about. OBAMA should follow Iowa Senator Charles Grassley’s advice to those executives.

Obama is destroying America's Constitution, our safety, our military, our capitalism, our economy, our self-respect, our freedom and our country. IF YOU'VE BEEN "OBAMAD" YOU'VE BEEN SCREWED. And boy is America being "OBAMAD."

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