Saturday, March 14, 2009


In the past few weeks much has been made of wind power killing bats suggesting that there is a vortex created that may burst their lungs when they fly too close. It is also suggested that many of the natural migration patterns fly directly in areas most favored by companies who build wind mills.

In Florida, one wind mill site is believed to be killing thousand of bats each year, and this doesn’t count the birds, many raptors included, that die from wind turbines. Wind power defenders say it’s OK to kill birds and bats because they’d die because of pollution anyway.

Here are two stories, one from Cox media and the other from USA Today describing the bird and bat problems.

.................Owned by Juno Beach, Fla.-based FPL Energy, a sister company to Florida Power & Light Co., they are part of the national effort to develop diverse — and more environmentally friendly — sources of energy.

The problem is they're killing thousands of bats a year.

ALTAMONT PASS, Calif.............................The size of the annual body count — conservatively put at 4,700 birds — is unique to this sprawling, 50-square-mile site in the Diablo Mountains between San Francisco and the agricultural Central Valley because it spans an international migratory bird route regulated by the federal government. The low mountains are home to the world's highest density of nesting golden eagles.

Remember, these are just two sites out of hundreds. Do the math and the birds and bats are taking a terrible toll....where's PETA when you need them. Where is the PETA outrage over killing these animals? Where are the demonstrations?

There is a political parallel to the birds and bats story. It’s Barak Obama’s effort to kill democracy and capitalism.

The obligatory media apologists deny that the stimulus package is actually a method of implementing a huge socialism plan and taking control of banks, auto companies, stock brokers and a host of other industries over which liberal socialists want to have power, a lot like what Adolph did with his National Socialists Party.

Killing democracy and capitalism will destroy freedom in America. Killing birds and bats will destroy the ecosystem. Congratulations Obama, you can kill America and nature just by implementing your policies. It’s amazing considering you’ve been in office less than two months.


Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter when a democrat does it You ever notice? I know where the environmentalists are. In the dems pockets along with the Unions.
Do they even care that bats serve a purpose? They kill mosquitos. Then the government can fund more endless programs to prevent encephalitis where the could have solved it by not killing the bats.

NewGnome said...

tos, You can recognize the environmentalists because they're the ones wearing the blindfolds. Remember eliminating DDT caused the death of hundreds of thousands in Africa...where's George Clooney on that? Bats, as you say, eat mosquitoes, mosquitoes carry malaria, malaria kills Africans...but George doesn't care about that could have saved those people. NG