Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Seems Jay Leno and David Letterman are being giving a pile of joke material with the Obama Administration and Democratic Congress but, being the lefty-liberals that they are, they’re not using it. Heaven forbid that the two not-very-funnyTV talk show hosts should demean and belittle Democrats. Jay can’t even stop telling Bush jokes even after he has left the White House. Jay isn’t very funny anymore.

Today, Obama said he had to escape the White House to go to a grammar school. If he’s so tired of the White House after only 2 weeks, He’s going to have to take his vacations in Tehran by the time he’s there for six months. And Jay and David perpetually criticized President Bush for taking vacations. Don’t look for the two dipsticks of nighttime televisions to call Obama on this.

He’s nominated three tax cheat to his administration, unfortunately, only two of the three didn’t make it. He still has one, the most important tax cheat in the most important financial position in the Administration. So much for honesty in the Obama administration.

He’s had to trip backwards just to get out of the way of barrage of EURO retaliation threats coming from Europe over the “Buy American” issue that he had to remove from the throw-money-at-it” stimulus package.” Don’t those Europeans love America now that Obama’s president? Look what he's done to our European allies in just two short weeks?

His appointees, Democrats, the champions of increased taxes have been forced to withdraw for not paying taxes, if that’s not the most delicious hypocritical joke material around I don’t know what is, but again Jay and Dave will ignore that. Obama is getting rid of the Bush tax cuts, but seems Daschle, Geithner and Killifer decided they wanted to keep their tax cuts for themselves, and Obama apparently thought because they’re Democrats that was OK by him.

Obama is also president of the 57 states of America....I’ve had a hard time trying to name those last seven states, but Jay and Dave won’t perpetually rake Obama over the coals for his constant flubs, as they did Bush.
Or how about Obama trying to open and walk through a window at the White House, even George Bush tried the door, even through he didn't know is was locked. But that didn't stop Jay and David from rubbing it in everytime they had a chance.

Then there’s Nancy Pelosi. She said there are 500 million Americans losing their jobs every month. That’s surprising since American only has about 305 million Americans totally. But don’t look for Jay and Dave to grind on Pelosi for any flub like they perpetually ground on Bush. Democrats don’t make mistakes, they’re just sloppy like when Sandy Berger sloppily stuffed secret national security papers down his shorts. He wasn’t stealing, as the press didn’t report, he was just sloppy. Remind me not to examine those papers without rubber gloves. Oh that’s right, I won’t get a chance to look at them, Berger destroyed them.



Anonymous said...

I hate Letterman he is a goof ball, but Leno does at least throw one or 2 in about the democrats. We have to remember he has to appease his CA audience too.

NewGnome said...

TOS, I understand Leno's appeasement, but he is getting less funny by the day. I predicted that his new show, if aired in prime time will be a failure in six weeks. He'll still be one the air, but the rating will plummet.


John said...

Letterman and Leno have all the freshness of bottled flatus. Conan O'Brien is always funny. He surgically injects politics, and he is always spot on. I look forward to Conan taking over the Tonight Show. Johnny Carson also took a New York show to the West coast. It worked out great. Leno has largely been a Politically Correct bore. I think Letterman retired years ago, only he keeps showing up on auto-pilot. Jimmy Kimmel and Craig Ferguson are fresh and entertaining. Jimmy Fallon and Carson Daly are terrible. Keep politics to a minimum; keep funny to a maximum. Dave and Jay: Retire! Please!

NewGnome said...

John, I'm going to bed earlier and earlier. Now, if Leno is on at before the news, I'll have to go to bed before the gets tougher and tougher.

Don't have cable but Ferguson is semi-ok. Here are my predictions. Leno's rating take a dive and is out in 2 years. O'Brien demolishes the tonight show ratings and he's out in a year.