Monday, February 02, 2009



WOOOOPPS THERE'S ANTOHER TAX CHEAT WHO BARAK OBAMA IS TRYING TO GET INTO HIS CABINET. Rep. Hilda Solis is Obama's nominate to be secretary of labor and her husband have tax leins against his business that he finally paid after 16 years just before she was nominated. What is it about Democrats? Are taxes only for the dupes who elected them?

Tax cheats, terrorist justifiers, socialism promoters, America haters and pardon criminals and terrorists promoter pervade Obama’s cabinet and advisers.

Obama tries to appoint another TAX CHEAT but she bites the dust. Tom Daschle should be the next to bite the dust and withdraw his nomination and Tim Geithner should resign....lets get some honest people in the cabinet. I know Obama comes from the Chicago Cesspool of Politics, but he doesn't have to take it with him to Washington, it's already bad enough there.

Obama's Tax Cheat friends List:

Timothy Geithner Secretary of the Treasury...Tax Cheat, didn't withdraw nomination should resign.
Thomas Andrew Daschle...Tax Cheat is OUT...............One more to go!
Nancy Killefer...Tax Cheat nominated to be chief performance officer. At least she had the honesty to withdraw her nomination.

This is the change he promised? This isn't the change I assumed he would make when he was elected president...but why should I be surprised from a Chicago machine politician.



Anonymous said...

Marxist Street Politicians running the US now. I want to punch that Geitener for looking so smug going after Wall Street like he is so ethical. This guy would have never gotten confirmed had he been a Bush pick. I could imagine how those confirmation hearings would have sounded like. Definatley not like the big love fest the dems have with their picks.

NewGnome said...

I predict that the bloom on the rose, which glows in the faces of the mainstream media is going to fade as Obama asserts his egotistical messianic personality. They're going to have a hard time squaring their own mammoth egos while being their obsequious selves...even and maybe especially Helen Thomas will eventually turn on him like they did LBJ.