Friday, February 27, 2009


I have decided that “blonde jokes” are racist. If a black, brown, yellow, red, or green man or woman tells a blonde joke....THAT PERSON IS A RACIST, which puts me in a very precarious position because I've got a whole bunch of really great blonde jokes. OH, wait....I can't be racist because my race is not in power....great! I can tell all the blonde jokes I want and if you're "of color" you can't. What do they say about shoes being on the other foot?

The current definition of racism is that only persons in power can be and are racist, therefore, with Barak Obama a “black” man in power, only those who are not “white” persons can be racists.

The conclusion of that fact is that those who tell “blonde jokes:” are in fact racist, against Caucasians since by definition Caucasians are considered the blonde race and persons of color are not blonde.

So, by definition only Black Americans or those of color who are currently in power: i.e. President Barak Obama and those of his race (persons of color) can be racists and I demand that all blonde jokes be abolished as insensitive, mean-spirited and RACIST! Except for me of course because I can tell all the blonde jokes I want!

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