Friday, August 08, 2008


We are winning the war in Iraq. Peace is breaking out all over. The Iraqi government has collected oil surplus profits of about $80 billion dollars which are NOT being using to help finance the rebuilding of it's own country. They're still using American Taxpayer money. Iraqi leaders say they are aiming to pump about 4.5 million barrels per day soon....that's almost twice what Saddam was pumping and could ultimately bring a trillion dollar windfall profit to Iraq coffers.

That much oil will increase world supply and lower prices. You haters have said that the Iraqi war was all about oil but we have not confiscated one barrel to repay Americans who have so far paid totally for freeing their country from tyranny and oppression, from rape chambers and from torturous murder rooms and rebuilding infrastructure.

Here's the challenge question for you Bush haters. Now that the war is being won, peace is returning and Iraq is rejoining the real world, do you demand that some of the huge windfall oil profits Iraq is now collecting, be returned to the American tax payers who footed the bill?

Be very careful how you answer this because if you claim that a portion of that oil money should be returned to America, you will be hypocritically demanding exactly what you castigated Bush/Cheney for....fighting the war for oil. You must answer that any oil Iraq pumps and sells and the profits it reaps with high oil prices, must specifically NOT be given to America to repay us for our rebuilding their war torn county and providing their new freedom.


TheLonelyArtistClub said...

I'm back:

You don't need to spend too much time responding to my most recent comment on "Fear of the election of Obama" if you don't want to. I was more looking to explain myself than to challenge you or create a new debate.

NewGnome said...

Sorry Lonely, you know I can't NOT respond. You said it was long but it was very interesting to me and I didn't find it long because it was interesting.

Somehow, I didn't get this comment and just noticed it. So I published it.

Personally, I thought it was some of your most honest writing. I was reading a piece from an "intellectual" posted on slate, which was a critique of global warmers...and even though he was on my side of the issue, he was pedantic, arrogant and barely readable and I agreed with him.

He was posted on a climate debate site I read daily. His writing style illustrates my contention that most intellectuals what to sound important and sound smart rather than communicate effectively. Who knows, you make like his style...NOT me.

I notice you listed the name of a new "formerlyLAC" blog on blogspot. Taking comments? NG

TheLonelyArtistClub said...

always. I'm about half done with the first full length short story that I've written in years and I'll be posting that as soon as I can figure out how to change the html to allow expandable posts (which took me nearly two days on the original LAC). I'm going to try and stay away from politics and talk about the things I really care about, but watching the mens basketball olympic game right now and I'm feeling compelled to say some positive things.

If I could wager on Bush's reputation, I would bet everything that his approval increases following the Olympics. Because we're not used to seeing a sitting President attend the games, I really feel like he's appearing as the godfather of the US olympic team. Seeing him enthusiastically cheer on the mens basketball team, while the commentators are talking about how these multi-millionaire players (whom we tend to think of as selfish a-holes) are spending their free time in Beijing attending events like swimming and volleyball to cheer on their compatriots, makes me view him in the most positive light I have in years. This honestly might be the smartest PR thing a basically lame duck President could do. I find myself wanting to support Bush a lot right now. Combine this with the fact that we apparently are winning the war and that oil plummeted last week, if gas keeps falling next week and the stocks keep going up then I would put my savings on a sizable boost to his approval.

"still" Lonely