Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Democrats CLAIM we “can’t drill our way out of the oil crisis,” which is a flat out lie. I know we can’t “alternative energy” our way out of the crisis. Less than two per cent of our energy is obtained from wind and solar so they’re so far down the list of supply possibilities for the next 50 years its impossible. The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that to supply Manhattan with wind energy it would take a wind farm the size of Connecticut, so T. Boone Pickens has his head in a place where the son doesn’t shine.

The Truth is that we definitely CAN drill and convert coal our way out of our dependence on foreign energy. That doesn’t mean that oil won’t be expensive, but we could be a net exporter of oil to China and get some of our money back and at least we would have a way to cut our trade imbalance with the Chinese. If we don't go after our own oil NOW, in ten years gas could easily go to $10 to $15 dollars per gallon, then what would you do for a job? The American economy will die on the vine and your job with it.

Believe the lie if you want, but believe too, you'll be killing America too.

So when you hear the Democrat Lie...We can’t drill our way out of’s just that, a lie



Anonymous said...

Did you now Nancy Pelosi owns alot of stock in T Boone Picken's wind farm? So the more tax dollars that gets dumped into this the more money she can line her pockets with. Oh yes the party of compassion.
People have to be reminded how it was in the Carter years under total democrat control.

NewGnome said...

What I love is that Bush's ratings, while low, are three times what the Democrat congress is...27 to 9...And the fiberals think the Republicans are doing