Saturday, August 09, 2008


For the life of me I can't figure out why everybody
is concerned about John Edward's affair with a bimbo.
Haven't we already settled this once and for all during
the Clinton bimbo eruptions which Hillary totally ignored
or defended or denied. And didn't Clinton get off the
lying to a federal judge and impeachment because it was
just sex and not one Democrat Senator went to or read the documentation
provided by the investigators housed in a special room in the
Capitol especially for their eyes only revealing what Clinton
actually did?

James Carville ended the question when he said it's
just about what...everybody lies about sex!!!
And it didn't stop Bill Clinton not only from being
elected or breaking the sexual harassment laws by
fooling around with a 21-year-old intern who was
an underling...pun very much intended...or get him
convicted during impeachment.

Remember, sexual improprieties by Democrats are totally
acceptable...and totally unacceptable by any Republican.
Case settled!

Get Over it. Who cares if Edwards did it while his wife is dying of
cancer and he is lying...It's just sex, Thank you James baby.



Anonymous said...


So what it was only a BJ.


NewGnome said...

Hi Tos,

I think we need a president who cheats on his wife...doesn't that make you more like the "people?"

He Lies...She Dies...great democrat slogan.