Saturday, July 05, 2008



* There was no nuclear program in Iraq.
* Saddam Hussein did not attempt to buy yellowcake uranium in Africa...!
* There was no nuclear program in Iraq.
* Saddam Hussein did not attempt to buy yellowcake uranium in Africa...!
* There was no nuclear program in Iraq.
* Saddam Hussein did not attempt to buy yellowcake uranium in Africa...!
* There was no nuclear program in Iraq.
* Saddam Hussein did not attempt to buy yellowcake uranium in Africa...!
* There was no nuclear program in Iraq.
* Saddam Hussein did not attempt to buy yellowcake uranium in Africa...!

AP Exclusive: U.S. Removes Uranium From Iraq

Saturday, July 5, 2008 3:00 PM

The last major remnant of Saddam Hussein's nuclear program -- a huge stockpile of concentrated natural uranium -- reached a Canadian port Saturday to complete a secret U.S. operation that included a two-week airlift from Baghdad and a ship voyage crossing two oceans.

The removal of 550 metric tons of "yellowcake" -- the seed material for higher-grade nuclear enrichment _ was a significant step toward closing the books on Saddam's nuclear legacy. It also brought relief to U.S. and Iraqi authorities who had worried the cache would reach insurgents or smugglers crossing to Iran to aid its nuclear ambitions.

Editor’s note: Notice how the Associated Press released this information on a Saturday afternoon of a holiday weekend when the readership and potential publication was at the lowest possible point. And you think AP and the mainstream media aren't biased? JOSPEH WILSON WHERE ARE YOU WHEN WE NEED YOU TO EXPLAIN THAT SADDAM DIDN'T HAVE ANY YELLOWCAKE OR TRY TO BUY ANY!


TheLonelyArtistClub said...

This is very interesting. When I first read this several days ago I did a quick google search and found the AP article posted in several places, but I wouldn't mind getting a little more information. I'm not suggesting a conspiracy or anything, but it seems strange to me that we would occupy Iraq for so many years and not move this stuff out before then. Perhaps it was in an insecure area, I don't know the geography. Secondly, why hasn't the Bush administration called an "I told you so" news conference? (and maybe this is just being ill-informed by the liberal news, but didn't the administration admit at one point that the intelligence was misused? So my implication there would be, at this point would the administration itself even been surprised to find it?) But regardless, in the eyes of history this could be a significant turning point, al though, there will still be detractors who say the pursuit of nuclear weapons is not enough of a reason to invade.

The other reason I decided to comment tonight, after having read this post a week ago is because I was several minutes into writing a long over intellectual post titled "What is literature?" in response to an Amazon discussion board that had me ticked off. Rereading what I wrote, I laughed and said, newsgnome would tell me there's no passion in this. I realized that this post would suck because of that and deleted the whole thing. I'm getting ready to start over and throwing off the haughty intellectual garb and just getting passionate about defending my definition of literature. I'll probably be posting it at some point tonight.

Hope all is well.

NewGnome said...

Hi Lonely,
I've read a few of your latests posts on LAC. I don't consider myself a literary type so I didn't make comments. I'm way to political for that with not enough experience in English lit. I had an experience similar to yours when I started a Master in English...with my political views it was obvious there would have been no chance to get approved for I was out-of-there immediately!

I think the Bush administration could do a little "I told you soing" but the thing that irritates me much more is the fact that the news media has not apologized for their deification of Joseph Wilson's lie about Yellowcake. As a former Journalist, I'm surprised that the mainstream media has buried this story, but then they'd be criticizing themselves and they wouldn't ever admit a mistake. Bush does a lot of things that drive me crazy. But if he'd just get on with doing what we need to save our economy and jump on the Congressional idiots. Last time I looked Bush's poll rating is low at about 29% approval, but Congress is only about 7%...a fourth of Bush's. Since the Dems have taken over in '06, everything, especially the energy problems has put the economy on the verge of collapse.

I'll be anxious to read your new post. I can't promise an academic/intellectual response but you know it will be passionate. Glad to hear that you're thinking some passion can improve your writing. I do too. I love it when a person has a passionate opinion.

TheLonelyArtistClub said...

I finally finished and posted it, but I think the passion wanes in parts. Mostly because at times I'm so concerned that I cover all of my bases to prevent counter-attacks that I lose track of why I'm writing in the first place, but I think I bring it back around at the end. As far as comments go, I'd love to just know if you were able to keep interested until the end (it is about the same length as the patriotism post). Also I wouldn't mind your feedback on a particular point. I spend a good deal of time talking about how literature, whether you argue that there is no inherent hierarchy of writing, or whether you are in favor of it, is equally self interested. Would be interested to know if you think I say anything useful there.

Ah, didn't realize you had an English experience like that. You still, unless I've completely forgot, never told me who you like to read. Your directness and hatred of overly-long writing makes me think you were a Hemingway fan at one point in your life. And I still haven't met a die hard, intelligent conservative who doesn't like Ayn Rand-but I would assume she's too wordy for you.

Anyway, I published the link to my literature post on the amazon discussion board (where most of the vocal people are against me, but my comments keep getting marked as relevant), and there's about 40 people in this discussion so I'm hoping to generate a lot of site traffic, and if I do, most of the visitors are probably going to attack me because I've already called them ignorant, so could be entertaining.

NewGnome said...

Hey Lonely, I had a well-written response in this comment box to let you know I'm headed out to do another project, so I'd be posting later. Unfortunately, it disappeared, I don't know why, and I've got to shorten this response.

I'll post a response on LAC in a day or two. Couple of quick notes. I liked Hemingway and his almost terse word use in his introspection, that's a journalist's point of view. I think my attitude toward him was somewhat colored by his choice of subjects. But his conservation of words is more to my liking.

Rand is wordy, wordy, wordy, but you're right about most conservatives respecting her, although she did prove she could get some points across in a shorter format in Anthem. I would say that when you're reading a book that has you by the short hairs, length isn't a serious problem. I've read some really long books I thought were ending too soon.One funny little item...believe it or not my first name is Rand.

It will take me a little time to write and digest "Defense of Literature" but from my cursory look, I'd say may have a more agreements that you might suspect. I do believe I detect a much more interesting edge to your writing in this post from my cursory reading so far.

Will post later. NG

TheLonelyArtistClub said...


As you've probably noticed by now, I killed my blog. It was a tough decision but after some thinking I realized that it wasn't what I wanted it to be. I was basically fishing for compliments from people I didn't know, because now that I'm not in grad school, I missed having people tell me that I was smart. Besides that, there were a few other reasons.

I still have my google ID, as you can see by this post. I have your blog and a few others bookmarked so I will continue to read and comment when I have something useful to say.

You live in LA area right? Hopefully the quake didn't affect your family.

I move to Chicago two weeks from today to start Law School, so I doubt I'll be doing much writing in the near future, but I am considering starting a completely new site after I'm up there for awhile, focusing on my feelings about law school and examining what it's like to move from a small city (Oklahoma City) to I believe the 3rd or 4th largest in the country. Also (and I'm quoting from memory here so there could be mistakes) I read somewhere that in the last 20 presidential elections Oklahomans have only elected a democrat once (I want to say it was either Carter or one of FDR's later terms) and that Illinois, in the same time period, had only elected one Republican president. So that will be an interesting change, and will probably make me more conservative, actually, because I tend to consider myself smarter than other people (whether that's correct or not, I'm not entirely sure) and I tend to find the flaws in other people's arguments more than the evidence to support my own; i.e. my opinions are based more on not wanting to agree with people I consider less intelligent than myself. So I assume that I'll get up to Chicago and quickly grow nauseous by the extreme Obama-mania that I imagine is running rampant there and of the hippy wing of the left. I'm primarily a liberal because I believe that the government should have a responsibility to help the citizens that it need it (and before you take too much time on bashing me for my welfare leanings, I assure you, a history teacher friend of mine who is far right leaning has spent hours pointing out to me all of the times in history more socialist/welfare leaning states have failed, so I know the evidence of economic success is against me).

I'm not a 100% sure of global warming, I'm skeptical. But that stat you and every other anti-warming person throws around about 1997(8?) being the hottest year in the last 10 years is outdated, because 2007 actually surpassed it, thought by a small enough margin, that statistically they're equal (and I'm getting this from NASA). But I'm not a Green fanatic. I tend to agree with what both the Southern Baptist (who I never agree with) and the Roman Catholic Church that regardless of whether Global Warming is a fact, we should take REASONABLE steps to protect our planet. I also agree with Mike Huckabee that alternative energy should be explored for economic potentials at the least. As I've said before, I'm all for offshore drilling and ANWAR drilling. No issues at all there. But this is getting off the point. I didn't mean to define my views, only to state that I imagine my arguments with the common liberal in Chicago will probably convince me that he's as ignorant as the common conservative in Oklahoma and will push me more toward the middle.

This is going on too long (and is not at all terse). Best of luck and I'll comment if I see you post something I can respond to intelligently.


NewGnome said...


I’m sorry you decided to close down your blog but I have to agree with you on your fishing expeditions. I’ll tell you a few things and then I’ve got to go. #1 dump the I’m smart talk and instead show it and bask quietly in the glory. Every time you attempt to tell others you're "smart" people get turned off. Allow other people to make the determination based on your actions and abilities not your own personal opinion of yourself.

No one is ever as smart as they think themselves to be or as stupid as others think they are when they proclaim their own intelligence.

Flaws in others are mirrored in our own flaws so they appear to be the opposite of us and therefore not flaws we possess. Wrong...we all have flaws, and they’re all obvious to everybody but ourselves and usually just like everybody else's.

I was born and raised and went to University in LA but don’t live there. But I did live through some of the biggest quakes they’ve had which tells you my approximate age.

I don’t want to respond in the comment section to your comment about “I'm primarily a liberal because I believe that the government should have a responsibility to help the citizens that it need it.” I’m going to ignore the grammatical error in your sentence because I make it all the time...who instead of that. But you have defined the exact objection I have with liberalism and have prompted me to begin a introspective blog discussing this very subject.

One criticism...quite trying to tell me you’re smart and show me. NG