Thursday, July 17, 2008


Democrats are nuts. They have criticized what they call “Trickle Down Economics” as a total failure. But that’s exactly what Dems are trying to do with trickle down oil. Instead of focusing on supply, which America has in abundance, they are trying to stop Americans from using carbon energy.

Just think about it this way. Democrats want to stop you from driving by at least 50 to cut gas prices and are at this moment crafting legislation that will stop drilling, increase penalties on “carbon” users, and increase taxes on everything.

What would you have to stop doing if you decreased your driving my 50%. It’s all well and good to conserve, but not to drill is pure stupidity, especially when we have more shale oil than Saudi Arabia has oil reserves. Just think, America could be the number one oil exporter in the world if the Democrats would just take their heads out of the place where the Sun doesn’t shine.

I think they’re not just stupid, they’re crazy too. It will be 50 years before America has enough alternative sources to replace oil, and we have enough oil to meet the demand for that long. Wind is a joke. Ethanol is dangerous to food supplies, solar will be at least 50 years before it’s viable in any serious amount.

The biggest problem we have in Energy is not supply, but storage. All carbon coal and oil energy sources are, are storage systems. If we could store energy created by hydroelectric, solar, wind or anything else, to use when needed, we wouldn’t have a problem. But we’ve done precious little to research mass energy story capabilities. I think that should be a major thrust of any energy plan. Has anybody discussed this with the Energizer Bunny?


Anonymous said...

You ever hear the joke what is the difference between a motorcycle and a vaccuum cleaner?

NewGnome said...


No. What's the difference?

Anonymous said...

Hey NG
The dirt bag is on the inside of the vaccum.

NewGnome said...

Boy does that fit...good one. NG