Friday, May 02, 2008


Democrats=higher taxes
Democrats=higher spending thus higher taxes
Democrats=lower income people getting taxed at a higher rate
Democrats=you die your kid can kiss their inheritance goodbye
Democrats=you die government takes more
Democrats=you are successful you pay more taxes
Democrats=more taxes for medical
Democrats=more taxes on vehicles
Democrats=more taxes on retirement stock accounts


Anonymous said...

They are so pitiful retending to care about the economy from the right side of their mouths and raising taxes one the left side of their mouths while gargling.
Now they say energy costs are going to be higher because of policies to reduce greenhouse gases. Congradulations Al Gore..."Mission Accomplished"
Glad to see congress taking care of business for their 1st 100 hours.

NewGnome said...

Like I used to say, keep your hand on your wallet when Democrats are I've changed that to keep both hands on your wallet. NG