Monday, April 21, 2008


The Ultimate Solution.

The world must quit drilling for oil immediately and the new Democrat president must impose a 100% tax on all gasoline and oil products. The price per gallon of gas should be around at least $10. The use of all of all coal products must end within 30 days.

All arable land must be converted to ethanol producing products to make up the difference to eliminate carbon based fuels. All nuclear plants must shut down within 60 days. All energy products must come from renewal resources within 6 months.

The eating of meat products of all kinds must end NOW to stop unwanted methane. As a matter of fact we should stop worrying about eating at all. This will help with our problem of obesity. All persons must earn exactly $50,000 per year. Restriction of home sizes must be established to no larger than 1,000 square feet. Lot sizes must be no larger than 50 X 50.

Lawns and landscaping must be limited to rock and non-water required plants. Chainsaws, lawnmowers, barbecues, powered edge trimmers, motor driven string trimmers and hedge trimmers must be eliminated immediately.

Electrically driven vehicles that are recharged by electricity generated turbines driven by coal, natural gas, oil, nuclear power should be eliminated from driving on roads. Business that unnecessarily generate travel: restaurants, clothing stores, department stores, food stores, motels, entertainment parks, sports facilities, golf courses and all other business that encourage driving should be shut down post haste.

If we do not do these things NOW we will kill our earth. Of course, this is what Hillary and Obama are proposing we do, with the added feature that we submit our national sovereignty to the United Nations and Islamic terrorism. But even if these actions don’t kill the earth they will certainly kill America, which is the main objective of Barack, Hillary, George Soros, and the Daily Kos.

ELIMINATE HUMANS, it will save the world. Good Luck America!................. Stop the world I wanna get off!!! NG

PS. Did you know that Barack Obama is half HONKY? That’s enough to make a person reconsider a vote for him.




Anonymous said...

I recognize that guy. He is a democrat supporeter.You know how they all look alike?

NewGnome said...

No wonder I can't stand to look at Democrats if they all look like this guy. NG