Thursday, April 03, 2008

SERVING MAN by Ted Turner

The Twilight Zone had an episode in which aliens from another planet arrived on earth. They invited humans to return to their planet for “visits” and many humans took them up on the offer. An alien book titled “To Serve Man” was left after the first load of passengers was launched into space on the way to the alien planet. Immediately after the ship took off, a man came running in screaming we’ve translated the book..... “It’s a cook book.”

Another alien has just landed on earth. His name is Ted Turner. I’m wondering if he has contracted instant Alzheimers or has he just “jumped the shark” on the Charlie Rose show. He told Charlie that in 30 to 40 years humanity will be forced into cannibalism because of global warming. I guess his Buffalo restaurants will have to close. At the moment, I think his imbecility illustrates the “high water” mark in the argument in this Al Gore “man-concocted” stupidity of global warming. Usually, when you claim something that is the penultimate in idiocy, things start turning around...this is such a statement.

When the history is written, and the climate change is proven to be just a natural phenomenon, not a crisis caused by man’s activities, Al Gore will be the biggest BUTT of jokes in history. The successors to Leno and Letterman will be having field days with Gore as their main target. And he will be oh so deserving.


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