Sunday, March 09, 2008


I'd like to thank the idiots who are giving us 3 to 5 dollar-a-gallon gas. It isn't George Bush, Karl Rove, Saudi Arabia, Hugo Chavez, Dick Cheney or big oil companies.

The fuel-shortage culprits are the GREEN idiots. Their imbecility has reached a level beyond comprehension.

Had Clinton started drilling in ANWR that oil would be getting here now. America has 600 years worth of carbon based fuel. That's as much as Saudi Arabia has oil reserves. Why don't we spend as much learning how to scrub and convert the coal as we are trying to turn our agriculture industry into an oil company.

PLUS, using food for oil is making us pay more, not only for gas but for food. We have all the power we need or want right here in America, but because of GREEN lunacy, we can't touch it. So if you GREENERS lover that 3, 4 or 5 dollar per gallon gas, keep pushing your impossible boulder up that GREEN Mt. Everest.

I noticed California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Utah Governor Jon Huntsman has joined the green lunatic fringe. But the Governors have no clothes. Too bad Scharzenegger didn't develop his mind instead of his muscles and Huntsman didn't get his father's brains, not just his money. Maybe you GREENS and these governors together can destroy America's whole economy in two short years. You've got a good start.

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