Tuesday, February 19, 2008


How cavalier, ignorant and condescending of Michelle Obama to dismiss all Americans who gave their lives so she could have the life she has now. Her husband can run and possibly win the presidency of the United States. How dismissive of other’s sacrifices for her safety and security. How self-servicing to dismiss the efforts of peoples of all races to provide for her and then claim, only now is she proud of her country.

What a self-absorbed, ungrateful, unthankful and racist person who obviously thinks she’s too good for America. Mrs. Obama, you can spit on the graves of those who gave you want you have today, but that only makes you look unworthy of potentially becoming “first-lady.”


Anonymous said...

She looks very angry if you ask me.

NewGnome said...

Isn't it sad that she grew up in a safe country, got free schooling, got free lunches and breakfasts, got grants and loans money to go to college, worked hard and was allowed to enter one of the most prestigious universities in the world, got more money to finish law school and felt she was unfairly treated and discriminated against. What an unthankful person. It's just amazing.

Anonymous said...

You think she'd be proud of how far she and her Muslim husband has come.
I don't trust them. Obama is nothing more than a creation by the democrats,why I still have to wonder