Friday, February 01, 2008


What kind of religion would use retarded women to strap on bombs to fight a political war. If you are a Muslim and you support Al Qaeda, you a one sick puppy. You can't call these women suicide bombers because they didn’t have the capacity to determine their own destiny in a case like this. It amounts to murder.

Is that the kind of people Muslims are? Are you murderers? Is Islam really that kind of religion? I can’t tell any more. It claims to be a religion of peace but I don’t see peace from Saudi Arabia and their brand of Islam. Are women expendable in Islam?

There is almost no outrage that comes from Muslims for incidents like these. Tell me, what kind of people you are?


Anonymous said...

They are pathetic losers just like the left that denies their behavior.

Anonymous said...

Do your research. Saudi Arabia is run by Wahabist denomination of Islam. Do Protestants or Baptists define the entire Christian faith? No. So then why should a few thousand radical hardliners make a mockery of the peaceful people of Kuwait, Oman, Lebanon, Morocco... etc.

NewGnome said...

Thank you for exactly making my point. It is precisely these “other Muslims” and now you through your comment, who have actively ignored concepts of the Koran regarding women “suicide” bombers. Where is your outrage? You chose again not to focus on the incredible lack of response of Islam. It is blaring. By your failure to criticize and demand that “other” or as you call them the “peaceful” Muslims do the same you try to deflect the real point of my post.

Your insertion of Christian denominations is a red herring.

Don’t tell me about Wahabism in Saudi Arabia. It is a murderous version of Islam, but until you and Muslims LOUDLY reject the heinous nature of this and other Islamofascism being produced in Iran, Syria, Pakistan, the Philippines and Saudi Arabia, it is meaningless in stopping the murder of women and children. A recent news article estimated that there are 500,000 young men every year who are being taught to be suicide bombers....not a few thousand radicals as you claim.

So do your own research. You failed to even address the issue of women suicide bombers which is antithetical to the Koran. This is exactly my point. You are a denier who excuses the corruption of Islam and the use of women and children as murderers.