Wednesday, May 02, 2007


NewsMax is reporting that Hillary Clinton is changing tactics to raise more money because Barrack Obama is raising money faster than she is. One of the changes to counter Obama reported in NewsMax: “Both Clintons are using the fear factor to ward off growing support for Obama. Time says the power couple are telling potential contributors that the U.S. could very likely experience a 9/11-scale terrorist attack during the next administration, and Hillary – because of her experience as a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee – is the candidate best suited to handle such a crisis.”

There are three astounding contradictions in Hillary’s new tactics. If she claims that the U.S. could very likely experience another 9-11 type attack, then she is admitting that George W. Bush has been PERFECT in foiling potential terrorist attacks on American soil so far...thank you Hillary for pointing out Bush’s success.

Secondly, it means that the Islamofacists are more afraid of Bush than they are of Hillary and what she might do. She there defines herself as a weak sister in the way the terrorists view her, because Bush has foiled their every effort. Hillary no doubt would do just as her husband did....absolutely nothing...and the terrorists are salivating at that prospect. Bush didn’t cut and run like Bill Clinton did and Hillary Clinton would immediately do if threatened.

Thirdly, when the other part of the then Clinton Administration did nothing when faced with 6 major terrorist attacks What makes us think that Hillary will do anything when she has pointedly said she wants out of Iraq and promised not to attack Iran. She is literally capitulating to the terrorists before she’s even elected.



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Anonymous said...

How is downsizing the military going to prepare us for another attack Hillary?
They will say anything they need to out of convienence. Way to go Billary!