Thursday, June 29, 2006


BIO bimbos and buttheads have been trying to bite President Bush since he was
elected. They remind me of a picture that illustrates fiberals who’ve tried to
bite Bush. Believe me it’s not a pretty site as you can see.

They’ve lost the Delay redistricting battle started by an out-of-control Texas Fib DA.
They can't kill the booming 5.6 per cent economy.
They're crying beause store sales are great.
They can't stand virtually full-employment.
They get ulcers over Iraq's developing democracy.
The death of al Zarqawi hurt the Fibs worse than it did al Qaeda.
They're apoplectic over the admission by al Qaeda that it's losing.
Their Fib-bible, the New York Times, commits treason in the war on terror and they're happy.
They're depressed there hasn't been another 911 on American soil since the war on terror started.
They’re dejected Democrats can’t come up with a plan to take a dump.
They’re watching the Party implode revealed by the fight between Reid and Hillary.
They marvel that Bill's stealing money faster and chasing more women than his oval office days and still getting away with it.
They don’t have a clue that they don’t have a clue.
Their leaders are Reid, Pelosi and Dean...DOESN'T THAT SAY IT ALL.

PS: The dog was taken to the vet, sedated, the quills removed and is doing fine. I don't think he's biting anything that smells like a porcupine any more. Maybe BIO-Dems can take a hint, but I doubt it. I don’t think they’ll ever figure it out. Keep up the good work BIO-Dems. NG


Anonymous said...

All thoughts were gone after seeing that dog. Ouch! I guess the libs are in more pain than him,lol!

NewGnome said...

Every Bush success is another quill in the face of BIO fiberals, no wonder they're such crybabies. NG