Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Isn’t it interesting that the “Bring It On” fiberal-crybaby bloggers are constantly claiming that the Bush Administration is abusing people’s rights with NSA or the use of information to fight terrorists with bank transfer information from other countries.

But it is a DEMOCRAT prosecuting attorney abusing the rights of Rush Limbaugh. He has been targeted by the Democrat culture of legal corruption. What hypocrites. On top of that Tom Delay’s re-districting plan is legal instead of illegal as claimed by an abusive Democrat District attorney.

So when the Democrats claim it’s the Bush administration taking your rights, it isn’t true, it’s Democrats stealing your rights.

Medical records confiscated by an out of control Florida Democrat. Another out of control Texas prosecutor claimed the Delay redistricting was illegal and with the flimsiest of evidence and the US Supreme Court said DA was all wet.

Democrats have to become so tainted with their efforts to eliminate the rights of American citizens they’re getting sicker and sicker. They're also getting louder and louder. The more they shriek the dumber they sound.


Anonymous said...

Yeah we know who they want the rights for and it isn't you or me or even them. I think they are left overs frome the Jim Jones cult

Anonymous said...

You are retarded.

NewGnome said...

If I am retarded what does it make you when you repond to some you think is mentally beneath you. Hummmmmmmm?

And isn't it interesting that you're using a a condition, over which they have no control, as a slur.

That, my friend, makes you a bigot, since you like to throw around slurs. A problem suffered by all fiberals because you and they judge anyone who disagrees as mentally inferior, something you have just proven you are. NG

Anonymous said...

That's the dumbest thing I've ever read.

Is identifying people who are mentally retarded as being mentally retarded bigotry?

It's like calling someone a bigot for saying people don't run fast are slow.

You really don't understand much of anything and shouldn't pretend to. You certainly shouldn't do it publicly.

It just makes you look more retarded.

NewGnome said...

So all you liberals can do is name-call. That says even more about your intellectual capacity since you refuse to address Democrat DA’s abusing personal rights in the post! If you want to talk about that fine. Otherwise take a hike.

PS: If you don’t use a handle of some kind, I won’t address any more of your comments.