Friday, February 22, 2013


With the recent revelation of the number of "terrorist combatants" killed by Barack Obama's drone kill list hitting 4,700 deaths, it is interesting to realize that the number American combat deaths in Iraqi was surpassed by a total of 1,500 killings by Obama.  In other words.  Obama has killed more terrorist combatants than Americans killed in all combat deaths in the Iraq war.

And he's the peace president who was going to bring the Islamic countries into the international community and eliminate the hate generated in those counties daily. 

Whooops.  A poll in Pakistan revealed that 88 per cent of the Pakistanis hate America.  Good job Mr. President.  Another four years and the entire middle east will hate America more than ever.  Iran is building nuclear bombs, Afghanistan will return to the Taliban the second we get out. Iraq is shifting toward Iran and away from America. Saudi Arabia will have no choice but to capitulate to the anti-America stance of other Islamic counties or be crushed. The Arab Emirates, Sudan, Yemen,  Somalia and most likely even Indonesia will be forced into the dark side of Islam.

So Obama will have created the greatest threat to America peace of any president in American history because of his apologist policies.

 Peace President --- Yea, RIGHT!

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