Thursday, February 28, 2013


It becomes more apparent every day now, that the Obama band wagon is being vacated.  Bob Woodward is incredulous that  Obama's policies are sheer madness.  Low comprehension voters can't understand why their taxes went up on Obama's watch when he promised that he'd cut spending and lower taxes after the fiscal cliff.

Donna Brazille can comprehend why her medical provider raised her premiums.   Now you've got to be a really low comprehension lemming not to understand why the rates are up.   You literally have to believe the Obamaclaus lies with unbending devotion.  But of course, Donna baby hasn't been the crispest apple in the fruit drawer.  I think she has an advancing case of senility.

Democrats are no longer marching in lock step to the same cliff that the Demolemmings constantly use.
Journalists are just beginning to realize that their support of Obama policies and their unwavering dedication to the perpetual campaign of lies are destroying newspapers and television news and that by doing so means they are, in reality, sawing their own limb off for themselves and employers .  But don't expect to hear this from Main Stream Media sycophants for another year at least  of Obama.  When they start being laid off for real, you might see the eyes opened. It will be, of course, be too late.

The economy grew at one-tenth of a per cent last quarter after the figures were revised so that the three month calculations defining another recession could be reported by Obama as a growth quarter.  This perpetuating the lie that there will be no double dip recession, despite the projections that the first and second quarters of 2013 will be negative growth defining three quarters for a double dip dump.

2013 is going to be a very bad year for Obama, unfortunately Americans will be the victims of his madness.

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