Saturday, August 04, 2012


He seems to think that any job creates wealth. It is not true.  What is true is that the teacher gets paid by taking money from citizens, the restaurant, and other business so they can be paid. In effect, the teacher has reduced the income of the business he or she is patronizing.  The teacher gets paid by the government which has taken taxes or the money from the private sector.  It is the only way public sector receives money to pay the teacher. If there is no private sector from which taxes are taken, there is no money to pay the teacher.

Even the student who may gain vast amounts of knowledge, does not create wealth until he puts that knowledge to work.  He risks his time and talents to create something that is valuable in the marketplace for which buyer are willing to pay.  When that person buy's the student has created wealth.  Until the effort to learn is taken, the learning applied to services or products wealth remains dormant.

There is nothing wrong with a teacher or other public servant receiving pay for their skills, but it doesn't create wealth.   Wealth is created when someone makes something that didn't exist before is created and its value is wanted.  A gold coin is worth nothing until a miner searches for the gold, finds it, sells it to a smelter and a coin is struck.  Only then is something created. 

An Ipod or smart phone is nothing until it is created by the labor of an idea, concept, design and production.  The materials used to create these products also create primary jobs which create wealth.
Obama obviously has no clue how the private sector creates wealth.  The government does not create wealth.  Even the roads and bridges he hearlds were paid for my private wealth.  Obama is literally clueless.  What came first the paved roads or the automobile? 

Paved roads were created and paid for by the demand of automobiles in search of better roads.  Money was taken from taxes taken from auto sales and usage.  Bridges were paid for by the demand created by the need  of people to get across the river.  They were taxed in some form, toll or tax, to build the bridge.

Even our wonderful military who protects us in our homes doesn't not create wealth.  It creates security in our homes but it is paid for by our taxes.

Obama is destroying the fundamental value of capitalism, incentive, application of skills and talents and assumes that government is the wealth creator.  He is wrong.

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Anonymous said...

he doesn't even care what the consequences are NG and useful idiots in the media and on the left prop him up like he is some kind of celebrity. What are we? Venezuela now?
He wants to take this country to its knees by diminishing wealth,creating a whole new underclass and our energy independence.
I don't care about his BS ideology and Big Government. He needs to be "dethroned" Nov big time.
4 more years of him and we will all be on the bread line.