Monday, August 13, 2012


I can understand why Andrea Mitchell is so angry at Mitt Romney picking Paul Ryan as his running mate and accusing him that the pick is anti-moms and women.  In her judgment, Republicans now have two men who are and have been faithful to their wives and she simply can't stand that.  Apparently she thinks we need real men like Bill Clinton, Elliot Spitzer, Anthony Weiner,  John Edwards, Teddy Kennedy, John (Marilyn Monroe) Kennedy and  who can forget Gary Hart and Monkey Business. 

Remember it was Mitchell who fiercely defended and still defends Bill Clinton's amazing definition of  fidelity relating to Hilary.  Clinton is a notorious philander and never seemed to hide his lust.  I've heard an estimate that if Bill Clinton had extra-marital sex once a week from the time of his denial on CBS with Hilary that he wasn't sleeping with Jennifer Flowers or anybody else (not even Hilary) he would have just reached the one thousandth that-woman-bedded mark, and I use the term "that woman" in the same way Bill Clinton meant it.

Mitchell reveals she apparently thinks that men who would cheat on her or their wives are better men.  I'm wondering how many "women" she has provided for Democrat male politicians for who knows what.  Apparently, she doesn't accept the fact that there are men who are faithful and honest.  Makes one wonder how long her husband apparently is cheating on her….oh, there's an assumption that he can still get it up, maybe that why she's so mad.

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Anonymous said...

all the qualities she hates,good looking,intelligent,non smoking,non drinking white Conservative devoted family men.
A losing combination to the blubbering beer summiting idiots who think the "healthcare bill is f@!!ing great" and can relate directly to women's reproductive systems and not their brains.