Thursday, April 12, 2012


With Spike Lee, Jesse Jackson, Black Panthers, Mike Tyson, Al Sharpton and the Black Congressional Caucus essentially calling for what seems like all out race war, it seems extremely prudent, if you are a white person, to arm yourself and look at every black person as a potential threat.

This conclusion is not reached lightly. However, the horribly racist anti-white rhetoric of the black community has race-war written all over it and Caucasians and half Hispanic residents are under that threat. ARM YOURSELVES AND BE READY TO DEFEND YOUR HOMES.

By the way where is the race-baiting organization La Raza? (The Race in English) Where are the defenders of half Hispanic George Zimmerman? They must be scared and hiding under the rock they usually live under.

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Anonymous said...

I am a white Italian and Obama is a White African American