Friday, April 20, 2012


Barack Obama claims he wasn't born with a silver spoon in his mouth, implying that Mitt Romney was.  That is a typical Obama lie and campaign distortion.  Romney's father provided Mitt with the opportunity at a first class education, and Romney accepted the challenge and excelled.

The problem was that George Romney gave all his money to Brigham Young University and Mitt and his siblings got educations and a challenge from their father to make something of themselves with their own wits and they did to the highest degree, even to the highest office in the land.

Barack Obama claims that someone else gave him a chance to go to good schools without carefully defining exactly WHO paid for the private school in Hawaii, his Columbia University costs nor his Harvard Law school expenses….so in effect he had everybody else pay for his benefits so he had someone else's silver spoon in his mouth….why is that not surprising given the fact that he likes to spend other people's money.

He may not have had a silver spoon in his mouth at birth, but it's certainly sticking out of an orifice lower on his body now.  He spends lavishly on nearly everything he does, from he and Michelle taking two planes when he and Michelle travel, when they just as well could have used one, the most expensive meals and perpetual parties the White House has seen in years, vacations every two months at horrendous costs and that doesn't even consider what he has spent of taxpayers money on his 5-trillion dollar deficits. 


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Anonymous said...

How about that ,people who can't make ends meet are paying for Obama's lavish lifestyle.
How does this make sense to anyone?
At least Romney's silver spoon was earned not confiscated.
That's what they do in lawless countries where a dictator just comes along and takes your possessions.