Tuesday, May 03, 2011


Despite the fact that Barack Obama broke about every promise that he made to his liberal base about how he was going to handle interrogations, keep American soldiers out of harm's way, reduce confrontation with the Arab World and keep America out of Wars, he actually deserves credit that he didn't do these things. He, that is Obama was the one who finally gave the kill order on Osama bin Laden. He did not hesitate.

Hooray for President Obama.
For the first time in his administration, he actually made a real presidential decision. He deserves the credit, although his base will be screaming technical foul on the basketball court of liberal opinion.

Now regarding his visit to Ground Zero. He should invited President George Bush who started the search for Osama. With both presidents on that sacred ground, the one who started our defense against Muslim radical terrorists the second who carried the policies that led to Osama's will show categorically that this war is the responsibility of the entire nation.

If Obama invites Bush, he will engender wide-spread bi-partisan accolades. It will giving Obama and Bush their due and confirm once and for all that the WAR ON TERROR is a war that all of America must fight to the finish.

It would be the right thing to do. Will Obama do it. What? and share the spotlight that in upon him. Don't hold your breath. Obama's dictionary does not have the word "WE" in it. It only has I, me and mine.


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