Friday, May 20, 2011


Would someone please explain to me what is wrong with American Jews. For the life of me I find any logic is their support of Barack Obama and unadulterated liberalism. I got an email today saying that Obama is a corporate lackey and we need more socialism in America. They give to the left. Support the left. Kowtow to the left. Kiss the ground liberals walk on and then while they’re down there kissing the ground take kicks to the face by the likes of Obama and then say isn’t he wonderful for kicking me in the face. I don’t think I’ll wash my face for a year.

The writer quoted Naomi Wolfe who wants, apparently, to have more socialism in America and Obama just isn’t socialistic enough for her. She doesn’t seem to be the least bit concerned about Obama throwing Israel under the bus and putting the Jewish State in an untenable position.

Then there’s Norm Chomsky praising Osama bin Laden. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accuses Obama of demanding indefensible borders and the President’s demand to return to 1967 border line. If there is any question that Obama is an anti-Semitic/defacto-Muslim disguised as a New Age, Black Theology, Christian this should forever dispel that notion.

But the Social Liberal Democrat Jews who’ve supported the Democrat side of the isle seem to be swallowing their tongues. Where are your vaunted brains, Jews? Is it that you’re blind or so determined to turn American into a socialist caliphate that you can’t see the problem? How long will you be suffered to ignore reality? If things continue, apparently not too long since it won’t be long until there is no reality for Israel.

It seems the only people who seeing the handwriting on the wall are the religious right, Glenn Beck and those of his opinion. Liberal Jews why are you so pathetic?


Anonymous said...

Hey NG lots of stuff going on in the world. Rome is Burning and Michelle and her hoosband are drinking Guinness Beer and playing to his worldly playground going home to his great,great,great,great,great granddaddy's Ireland and here I thought Nero was Italian.


NewGnome said...

You've make one mistake. You assumed that Obama is human. He didn't fly over to Ireland, he walked on the water to get there. Been doing a lot of writing on Helium and it's taking up my time. As you can tell I'm not doing much in the way of blogging except the occasional post. I'm loving the Huffington battle. It's so hypocritically ironic.