Sunday, September 12, 2010


Republicans are worried about the Tea Party. Democrats are worried about the Tea Party. Most Americans are worried about Constitutional America which we see crumbling before our eyes every day Barack Obama is President and Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are running congress.

So it is that when you see an honest direct politician cleaning up the mess of his predecessor, unlike Obama who is incapable of intellectually understanding what needs to be done, it is refreshing beyond belief.

As a percentage, John Corzine left New Jersey in even worse shape than Bush did when Obama assumed office. The difference Corzine’s replacement, Gov. Chris Christie knew what had to be done and is in the process of doing it. In doing so, he said everybody is going to have to take some of the cuts and heat.

In true Teacher Union style, the union sent a hue and cry into the stratosphere for all to hear.
In the following link, an obvious union teacher is cry-babying all over the fact that she and her fellow teachers are not considered sacrosanct and should not be deigned to be subjected to any of the consequences the private sector has to face.

In other words, cut everybody else, just not us. She voiced that opinion to Governor Christie who gave one of the greatest, most honest refutations, I’ve ever heard in a calm and factual way, while this “teacher” was rolling her eyes like the third graders she teaches.

He is America’s greatest functioning politician. And finally, a politician we feel is telling the truth and not trying to spin or drift his words. Here’s the link. HERE

What do you think of his presentation?


Anonymous said...

I hope Christie pays attention to his weight to keep fit. We may need him in 2012.
It's about time and yes oh so very refreshing that even though teachers have an important job it doesn't give them unlimited privileges.
I hate the "poor teacher" argument.
I have 3 retired teachers in my family and they have all done quite well with their vacation home,trips to Europe and expensive assisted living places and not to mention all the NY Broadway shows.
My friends parents are retired teachers and they own a big home in the Hampton's on Long Island,a yacht and she gets a 10,000 Christmas gift from them every year.
My other friend also parent's are retired teachers and they own a home in Seattle,Virginia and Florida.
So yes Christie good for you and this entitlement mentality that the unions thnk they should get have at the taxpayer expenses.


Anonymous said...

the democrats are toast and I have a bunch of Che Guevara banners ready to burn in the street on election night


NewGnome said...

It might be a hard sell to get Christie to run for President. But it's nice to see him set the bar high. I'd like to burn some Democrat legislation. NG