Wednesday, September 22, 2010


As a Tea Party supporter, I am tired of Republicans submitting to 21 per cent of the electorate and their socialistic agenda elitist leaders. We want someone to stand up and fight like Chris Christie, not tell us how they've "reached across the aisle."

We don't need to sublimate our principles; we are the majority in America. If political is the art of the possible as Bismark said, it is possible for thinking Americans to take control of our government if we conservatives quit thinking we can't go to battle against excessive liberals. We've allowed minority liberals to dominate majority conservatives for far too long.

University and college staffs and faculty need to be investigated to insure there is a politically balanced faculty...even if it takes aggressive affirmative action. If universities and colleges refuse to accept balance, withdraw their federal support and quit giving Pell grants and loans to students who go there, and this includes Harvard and Yale.

Deny any federal money to colleges that refuse to allow military recruiting and with ROTC on campuses. Then quit giving interviews to MSM outlets that don't have a politically balanced news room, and this should just be the start.

The application of affirmative action should be applied to bureaucratic jobs in government, since Democrats like to play the numbers game. I suggest that we do an extensive poll to identify those who lean Conservative, Liberal, Independent and hire with those poll results in mind. In other words give preferential treatment to those who fit the poll numbers. Isn't this exactly what the liberals do when they demand quotas?

Next, we should turn our attention to the main stream media. Liberals want to tell businesses who they have to hire. The one area that has been neglected is the newsroom. Conservatives need not apply. Liberals only hire liberals. For example, the number of seats in the White House briefing room should be allocated on the basis of balanced political numbers. Again, that's how liberals get their way. They get one of their own placed in a position of power and one who can hire, and that person makes sure that the criteria for hiring of newsroom staff members meet their liberal litmus test.

Once again, conservatives are the majority in America. We should start asserting our majority rights.

There are lots of other cases to be found where liberals take control of organizations that were never designed to be political soapboxes but have become so, by the exercise if agenda driven liberals. Another of the areas where the control of hiring of liberal dominated boards is in the area of non-profit organizations.

One of the biggest and the first name that comes to mind is the Ford Foundation which is essentially pursuing principles that are the exact opposite of the principles of its namesake. The Ford Foundation and organizations should be held account to their founding goals, not be allowed to misapply funds to attempt to direct liberal political issues. That can be corrected by using aggressive affirmative action appointments which keep the concepts of the conservative founder’s goals.

Next are the churches. If it's a "black" church, they have been allowed to be the centers of political activism without question, despite the fact that the liberals constantly demand "separation of church and state" but eat turds bending over backwards allowing these politically active "Reverends" pushing their political agenda for one party.

All churches should have to meet the same criteria. They and terminally active liberal churches do the same thing with no consequences. The political impact of allowing radicalized Islamic Mosques are also a growing threat not only to the concept of separation of church and state but the fundamental safety of American citizens and our way of life. They want to preach “Sharia Law” which is antithetical to the American Constitution. Allow all or allow none. That is the change we should enforce if separation of church and state is so precious to the liberal agenda.

We conservatives have the right and responsibility to stand up and say enough is enough. We will no longer allow 21 per cent of the liberal activists to control the majority of Americans. Come on America assert your rights. We are the majority, let’s start acting like it.



Lisa said...

Good post NG . It is about time that they realize the world doesn't revolve around them and that the rest of will not give in like the days of King George.
What next you get locked away for speaking out against the government? We are a free nation and will always stand up for freedom first. It's about time that "all" of the people are recgonized.....and heard.
I can't stand the way these self appointed elitists think they have carte blanche over the people.
I too am a Tea Party supporter since April 15 2008. Back then you would get a honk or 2 by a passing car and as time went on you get so many honks in support it was refreshing. Of course you still have one or two comrades who would give the middle finger. You know real classy.


NewGnome said...

I went to the first Tea Party gathering in this area and more since. It was before we realized that it was a massive movement. We constitutionalists had kept quite so long we didn't know how to stand up and fight, since we worked and really didn't have time for protest marches. It was pathetic that we allowed the libs to dominate the media. The media is getting it's pay back, or maybe that should be they're getting their pay taken away for their ultra-liberal stands and losing viewers, listeners and readers in droves because they're no longer honest in their reporting.

Yea, I love liberals driving by who show you their numerical IQ using their finger.

By the way, if someone honks at you and they're the honker, what does that make the person being honked at...sounds racist to me..... :) NG