Sunday, March 28, 2010


Associated Press demanded that Breitbart's "Big Journalism" prove Tea Partiers aren't racist because an AP reporter said he heard a Tea Party participant allegedly hurling racial epithets during the Searchlight, Nevada rally, the home of Senate Democrat leader Harry Reid. Setting aside the logical impossibility of proving a negative, using the same logic, liberals should be forced to prove they didn't plant a ringer who just happened to know which reporter to stand near when yelling his racial slur.

The slur-hurler must have been hired by Alec Baldwin to attempt to embarrass Sarah Palin. Baldwin has proposed the killing of Henry Hyde before.

It is pathetically tedious when liberals compare and approve the statement by Chris Matthews who suggested that a carbon dioxide bomb be put into the mouth of Rush Limbaugh exploding his head, to the yelling of a word, racial slur or not. The physical threat by Matthews should be actionable. Matthews proposed murder of Limbaugh is on tape, hearable and broadcast on the public airwaves. Matthews should resign because of his obvious violent tendencies.

No one but the reporter from AP heard the alleged racial slur in Searchlight. Isn't that convenient. How many of the alleged slurs that are supposed to have been yelled at Tea Party Rallies or any other conservative event, have actually been screamed by planted liberals for the sole reason to be able to be reported by a liberally biased AP or NYT reporter, while that same reporter ignores suggestions to kill various conservatives like Limbaugh, Hannity, and a host of other radio hosts, not to mention Republican politicians.

Then there are the innumerable Hollywood idiots who have called for the murder of President Bush including a play called "The Assassination of President Bush". And who can forget Alex Baldwin's recommendation on Letterman calling for the stoning death of a Republican Henry Hyde and his family. Why wasn't Baldwin investigated by the secret service and charged? Meanwhile liberals are terminally exercised over the yelling of a word that they can't prove was screamed, much less who allegedly screamed it.

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Anonymous said...

all they are doing is preaching to the choir. The rest of can see right through them and their agenda and that's what is making them desperate.
Now Mr Wonderful is promoting drilling to please the republicans.
It's a litle too late for bipartisanship. They already proved they can't be trusted.
Nov 2 can't get here fast enough.