Friday, March 26, 2010


China's censoring of Google, has Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin feigning anger at the communist/socialist country even shutting down their system in China and trying to give people a link through Hong Kong. These two hypocritical and socialistic Google principals have naively helped install the very liberal/socialistic policies of Barack Obama, who's installing same type of socialistic censoring government can't believe is censoring their socialistic selves.

It's the very question that eludes the James Camerons, Sean Penns and Michael Moores of the world who think these socialist/communist countries like China and Venezuela wouldn't censor them and their "enlightened thoughts" and these three would be censored at the first hint of unorthodoxy to the communist/socialistic cause. Cameron, Penn and Moore would be in the klink in minutes if they had an original thought with which the leftist tyrants disagreed.

Now, wildly socialistic talk show host Ed Schultz is calling for the socialization of radio talk shows…with the federal government taking over the airwaves that is unless the conservatives are in control. He too makes the assumption, that a socialistic administration would allow him to say anything he wants because he's a socialist too. But socialist censor, that’s what they do and Schultz and the rest would be no exception unless they totally toe the line, even to the extent of jailing dissenters of any stripe.


Anonymous said...

The "Useful Idiots" prove our point for us every day.

I heard that Ed Schultz Rant. What a moron.

heard this joke by Mark Simone:
When Obama had his colonoscopy they didn't find any polyps but they did find 3 MSNBC reporters.

Happy Easter NG


NewGnome said...

Well he's a big enough A-hole to contain them. NG haha please excuse the language. couldn't help myself. good joke.

Anonymous said...

no problem. I find myself using language I normally wouldn't have myself these days.