Sunday, August 16, 2009


It was announced today that Obama is planning to drop his plan for the government health care insurance option. The uncontrolled irresponsible nature of the spending done and planned by his administration has been incomprehensible in its scope and amount. It has made Americans, especially those who have had a good deal of life experience, fear the future because they know a president as inexperienced as Obama, has no clue as to what he is unleashing…the specter of uncontrolled inflation, interest rates that disrupt the fundamental concepts of the economy and the most fearful element of all, the uncontained massive influx of unintended consequences which he cannot anticipate, and doesn't care about because he thinks he can handle anything with his self-perceived intellect and unbounded narcissism propelled by a self-righteousness unparalleled in the history of the oval office.

America is finally waking up to the price of his self-absorption. None of this is about America, it's about edifices to himself. He reminds me of the Pharoses of Egypt who spent their whole lives creating death monuments to themselves, and little governing their kingdoms.

Obama's recent trips overseas, mainly to American haters, have been nothing more than apology tours for America. The rest of the tours have been orchestrated to provide slights and slurs to our allies and friends. Here's hoping that when 2010 rolls around, Americans will remember the devastation to America's reputation Obama created.


Anonymous said...

His allegiance is not to this country but against it.
For the first time in my adult life I am ashamed of my counrty and afraid for it too.
For the life of me NG I do not understan why people are going along with this other than their sheer ignorance or their hard core views which the majority of us do not share.
We need to get a new campaign going big time. Rally up the birthers!

NewGnome said...

And this is the country now that Michelle Obama is proud of ...yea right!