Thursday, August 06, 2009


For the past 50 years I have had to put up with the left's attacks on my honesty, integrity, patriotism, and accused that I didn't care about my fellow citizens. Wild looking, ill mannered, ill kempt, profane and discourteous in the extreme to anyone who did not agree or promote their views. They made Joe Mc Carthy look like a piker! They brooked no disagreement.

Well, I'm angry because now that I want to protest the socialistic administration of Barak Obama and I'm called a member of a mob by the president of the United States. This from a man from the place where the mob was born…the home of Al Capone and Chicago politics. He and Rahm Emanuel are the essence of mobocracy sitting in the oval office.

Obama, of course, isn't smart enough to understand how everything-mob works so he relies on Emanuel to pull his strings. But he does read a mean teleprompter. So Obama is saying that 75 per cent of Americas are members of the mob because they disagree with his Obamacare. Maybe the ever-so-slow learning Obama may finally get it that Americans don't want his socialistic single payer health care.

There is one good thing about this that is becoming blatantly obvious. Republicans are suddenly in the position to return to power in Congress. The hate and vitriol spewed by Obama and his minions is not sitting well with voters. He may just be the best recruiter Republicans have for taking the house and senate back. I predict that at least one of the congressional houses will return to Republican hands and just maybe they'll have the intestinal fortitude to stop the socialization of America.

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Anonymous said...

I think Obama doesn't like the fact that the community is oganizing without him.
The master of phony dissent is now facing eople with "real" dissent and he never had to deal with this kind of oppostion.
He's calling seniors(mostly at these meeting)mobs?
What I seem to be seeing at these "democratic" Town Hall Meetings are the supporters of his policies. Have they seen the light?