Thursday, April 16, 2009


Barak Obama’s first shot to establish a national police force has hit right at the heart of America’s faith in our government. A grassroots protest on Tax Day, April 15, 2009 has prompted Obama to send his director of the Department of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, to issue a multi-paged warning to police and sheriff’s departments across the country that radical “right-wing” agitators are on the verge of an armed insurrection against the United States of America.

She went as far as saying that returning American veterans are a threat to our government. That is irresponsibility on a monumental scale and she should resign immediately. Our brave soldiers, including my son, are not threats to America, people like Obama and Napolitano are.

For the first time in my life I went to an anti-government rally with my tea bag, protesting Obama policies. Hundreds of thousands were there, and all over the country. The predominate theme at the rally was that there was no faith in the Obama administration’s policies, taxes and unrestrained spending.

In addition, there was a palpable fear that the U.S. Constitution and America as we knew it in our youth, was being demolished. There were lots of young people there who understood what apparently the youth of the liberal left do not, that the constitution is not a document that can be changed at the whim of a “charismatic” politician.

During the campaign, the extremely liberal and some say socialistic Obama, has said one of his goals was to establish a national police force, a direct contradiction to the Constitution of the United States under the Posse Comitatus provision passed in 1878.

Obama however, is attempting to form a psychological basis for such an unconstitutional act by using “Tea Party” protests as the provocation to move forward pushing a “Schutzstaffel” (also called the SS) type of internal police force or as Wikipedia defines it: "Protective Squadron."

How ironic that Obama spinmisters are twisting their perceived view of tax-day tea parties into creating the need for a “Protective Squadron,” exactly the same type of justification used by Nazis in William L. Shirer’s epic work “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.”

Consider the recent events that have occurred in the world and apply them to American citizens. Pirates are now claiming they’re going to kill American seaman. According to Obama, former terrorists who are oathed to kill all things American are now being called something other than terrorists, even when they call themselves terrorists.

While Obama is refusing to call terrorists, terrorists, here in American he is calling American soldiers returning from war, a threat to him personally, his administration and we Americans. It is outrageous. Our brave sons and daughters are being called the villains or as Obama’s 9-page DHS report calls them, “right-wing extremists,” “potential candidates to swell the ranks of white-power militias,” or even “Timothy McVeigh” type threats.

If you have a soldier in the family what do you think of the President of the United States calling your son or daughter whose life was under threat in a war zone, a potential terrorist.

Barak Obama is the single most divisive president in the history of this country.

He has managed to anger just about everybody with a brain. Even those brave buccaneers of the Somalian coast now want to kill Americans thanks to Obama. Pakistan is about to halt our drone operations in their county, and have already capitulated to Islamic radicals in critical parts of Pakistan.

The fickle French president Nicolas Sarkozy is even ridiculing Obama’s lack-luster performance at the G20 conference, sarcastically calling on him to walk on the water of the English Channel.

Obama’s effort to label Americans, American soldiers and those who disagree with his policies of massive spending, gargantuan taxes and communistic economic controls, is reminiscent of totalitarian thinking.

While haters of George W. Bush attacked our efforts to protect American citizens with the Patriot Act, Obama is planning to use similar procedures directed not at those who want to blow us up, but directly at American citizens on our own soil. In the first months of Obama’s administration, the NSA (National Security Agency) has done more internal surveillance in America than Congress allowed in the Patriot Act. Spying on Americans is worse now than it ever was under President Bush.

Just consider how the DHS law enforcement report is worded. It’s very devious, and worse than the Patriot Act by a mile. Here are some of the tricky ways Obama is attempting to label regular American who disagree with him politically. Some of these words come from the report, some from newspapers and online articles. The intent is to attempt to put those who disagree with him under suspicion by using carefully considered words in defining
American citizens. The qualifying words are insidious in the sneaky way they attack everyday Americans and again attempt to lay the groundwork to justify a national police force.

* a “FEW” disgruntled war veterans...
* “COULD” swell the ranks of white-power militias...
groups that “MAY” favor of state rights...
* SINGLE ISSUE groups who are opposed to Abortion or illegal immigration...
* "facilitate a greater understanding of the “PHENOMENON” of violent radicalization in the U.S."...
* white supremacists, have
“ADOPTED” the immigration issue (read the Minutemen here)

Using these types of statement are without foundation or warrant. They are designed to allow Homeland Security spinster attacks on regular American citizens and still sound as though it’s a valid application of federal law.

In reality, Obama and his administration are attempting to create a justification for Nazification of control of Americans through a national police force.

The Department of Homeland Security has turned into the Department of Homeland Control. How ironic is it then that when I hear those who were so critical of George W. Bush’s policies of the Patriot Act, are now bending over backwards in justifying Obama’s fascist policies in controlling Americans--not terrorists.

Suddenly, those who are using tea bags to simulate the Boston Tea Party, are anti-American and threaten King Obama’s status quo. With the Obama thought police beginning to take control, is it any wonder that they’re afraid. They are taking our money, our land, our freedom and shredding the constitution and the people are beginning to stand up to their National Socialistic agenda.

Obama has divided America more deeply than any president I’ve ever known and in a shorter time than I thought possible. The anger and resentment is becoming obvious as we watch Obama bow to the King Saudi Arabia and trash our own soldiers and countrymen. Is it any wonder why he is becoming more and more despised? It has nothing to do with race and everything to do with a free, democratic and capitalistic America.


Anonymous said...

NewsGnome, I found your blog by searching for a list of things Obama has done to try to bring America to its knees. His administration is doing so much, so fast, that it is near impossible to keep up with and remember what he has done since Jan 20. You seem to have a good handle on your list of broken promises and I was wondering if you would make an attempt to compile a list, that we can add to daily, of ways he is trying to "change" the country of our Fathers. Are you up to the challenge? Mary

Anonymous said...

Well written piece.

I'm not endorsing the right wing report, but I just want to point out I heard, saw and know people who died 14 years ago from Sunday, when a Desert Storm veteran who fit this profile ignited a fertilizer bomb and killed 168 people.


NewGnome said...


I've been keeping a list of what I consider the major broken promises. But, as you point out, it's a challenging task and for something like this to work, we'd have to have lots of people keeping track. I've be trying to publish a broken promises list on a monthly basis. I've encouraged posters to make suggestions which I add. I don't think one person can do it alone.

There there is the problem of the small things that I miss. The subtle things that get by that change America in a fundamental way from the America we know.

Unfortunately, the challenge is a matter of time and people who think our democracy is worth fighting for will have to work together. I can post his broken promises but the daily part is difficult because I'm not at my computer every day. That's why I was doing a monthly collection of changes. If you want to help, I'll post the broken promises as frequently as possible. If there are other commentors who want to I'll add their's too, while trying to report the ones I find.

I think it would have to be a group effort. Frequently, since the mainstream media hides many things he is doing, we can only find some things in local media where you hopefully find more honesty and balance in reporting.

I'm now wondering if the broken promises list should really be a list of his efforts to socialize America. Just today I saw him fraternizing with Chavez and accepting gifts from him. It's amazing, No I should say scary.

If you have suggestions, I'm open to what you find and will publish it. I think Americans have to do this together.

NewGnome said...


Hope things are going well in school. I don’t consider Napolitano’s report right-wing I consider it just the opposite. Yes, McVeigh’s act was horrendous, but is it right to accuse soldiers who put their lives on the line of threatening of being terrorists in general. McVeigh was one incident in 230 some years. And I think you’d not want to use a one-time incident to extrapolate a generalization for all soldiers...I’d think your logic class might frown on that.

Thanks for the compliment on the writing. I’m not sure you were disagreeing with my opinion (right-wing report) or Napolitano’s DHS report. Her report was bizarre. Even with your generally liberal inclinations, you can see what she is doing is to establish the intellectual framework for Obama to take freedoms and civil rights under the alleged threat of those who disagree with him.

PS. I’m beginning to worry about you getting your law degree. We have enough liberal thinking lawyers around here, and with your intellect, I’m not looking forward with having to contend with another smartas_ liberal lawyer.
Best of luck in school. :)

Anonymous said...


I think part of what I said was unclear. When I referred to the report as "right wing" I meant the report that was profiling potential "right wing terrorists." I realize that it is entirely a product of the left.

As far as the report in general, I tend to think its weight is being overblown. I had this discussion with an Air Force Lt. friend of mine and I was suggesting that the report, at least my understanding of it, isn't that it is claiming that these people are terrorists, but these are the basic attitudes that people who might decide to join a white-power/or anti-government militia would have. Because honestly, is someone who is neutral about illegal aliens or the current direction of the country going to be even remotely likely to be recruited into an anti-gov organization? But I leave open the possibility that I'm not considering the report seriously enough.

I did mean it when I complimented your writing. Even if I don't agree with it all, this type of well thought out, toned down rhetoric invites me to slow down and read through it, and think about it, whereas many of your pieces put me off so quick that I don't really delve into them. But of course you like to get a reaction, so I'm not sure if you consider that a compliment or not! :)

As far as being a liberal lawyer goes...uck. I feel that it's possible to separate how I feel on social or economical issues from how the legal system works. The legal system is overworked and from what I've seen so far, the things that have bloated the legal system are the result of liberal lawyers and judges. I would much prefer a more efficient legal system, even if people who'd agree with me on other things question my view on this.