Wednesday, April 22, 2009


If the interrogation policies of the obama administration had been in place in 2002, Los Angeles would have suffered the same fate as the New York World Trade Center. Thousands would have died because obama would not have allowed the aggressive interrogation of al Qaeda leader Khalid Sheik Mohammed.

We would have never learned and stopped the plan to fly planes into high rise buildings in the City of Angels. The interrogations of the obama CIA wouldn’t have learned anything from the terrorist who was responsible for the 911 tragedy and 3000 dead Americans. What would Americans have advocated if there had been 10 attacks on America soil planned during the Clinton administration by terrorists and executed after Bush was inaugurated. Would leftist critics have been so hatefull of Bush. I think not. You'd have rallied around to help....but because Bush stopped further American deaths, he's a people are sick and don't deserve to call yourselves Americans.

President George W. Bush was the victim of his own success in stopping further tragic 911 incidents. The people of Los Angeles should be on their knees thanking President Bush for stopping the killing of their citizens. Instead, the idiots in LA have castigated Bush for using SUCCESSFUL interrogation techniques that saved their lives.

Consider the alternative. If obama had been president then, he would have failed to get this information of Sheik Mohammed and thousands more Americans would be dead in Los Angeles.

The use of information collected by wire tapping and the Patriot Act would not have been available and seven planes from Britain would have been crashed into buildings along America’s eastern sea board with more thousands of dead Americans. Because President Bush wiretapped terrorists, many Americans are alive today who would have been DEAD, DEAD, DEAD!

Maybe that’s what it would have taken for America to wake up to the horrors of radical Islam. Maybe then, George W. Bush would be hailed as the hero he should be revered as, for keeping Americans save from harm, the most important job with which any President is charged. obama, our first “blame-America-first President” on the other hand, would have allowed the death and destruction of Americans and then blamed the carnage on our alleged arrogance.

So while you obama zealots are cheering in turning America into a socialistic country, when the blood starts to run in our streets with terrorist suicide bombers, remember the president who kept you safe, and it wasn’t barak obama and won't be. OBAMA IS A DANGEROUS DUD, and I don't mean "dude."


Anonymous said...

I can't take this guy anymore. Too bad many people aren't closer attention. Unfortunately it's like that ruck you don't see until it's about to hit you.

NG said...

Ameerican's don't want to take responsibility for their own freedom and especially for their own financial security. They want obama, the walk-on-water president, to save them.'NG